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Joke Presents

Hilarious gifts and presents for any joker

Catering for a jovial joker or a practical prankster? You’ve come to the right place! Whatever their age, you’re sure to find something to suit in the extensive selection of joke presents at Hawkin’s Bazaar.


Perfect Presents for Pranksters

Buying a gift for a milestone birthday? Kindly remind your recipient of their age with our inflatable zimmer frame or senior moment mints. Have a friend who loves fine dining? Challenge them to an alternative dining experience with our Bush Grub range, which includes crispy critters, chilli chocolate and alco-pops that are complete with bugs!

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Joke Presents

Those who enjoy a tipple are catered for too, with our giant novelty beer and wine glasses. We even have the thirst extinguisher, which is capable of holding a huge 1.5 litres! From the useful teen owner’s manual to the bizarre solar powered queen, there’s something for everyone in our hilarious joke gifts and novelties range. Why not visit our joke shop too, for even more laughs? Browse our extensive range of funny joke presents and buy online today!