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The Asbo Fairy Tales

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Traditional fairy tales with a distinctly modern twist!
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'Snow White and the Seven Dads' should give some indication of the content, with current cultural references giving a new slant to the familiar stories. Welcome to a world where 'Little Red Riding Hood' throws stones at fairies and the 'Crack Piper of Camden' is mistakenly enlisted to rid the town of rats. Seventeen stories receive the 'asbo' treatment, including 'The Butt-ugly Duckling', 'The Princess and the Oven Chip' and 'Blingerella'. It's all very amusing for the cynically minded - obviously the adult humour makes these fairy tales unsuitable for children.
  • 19cm
  • Hardback
  • 192 pages
  • 17 Stories
  • Adult humour
The Asbo Fairy Tales
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The Asbo Fairy Tales The Asbo Fairy Tales The Asbo Fairy Tales


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The Asbo Fairy TalesThe Asbo Fairy Tales
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