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Flying Toys - Tosy Flyers

Flying Toys

Flying toys that hate being grounded

Take play time skyward with our selection of flying toys. Whether it’s remote controlled, launched or just plain thrown, these flying toys do their best to repel the ground.

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Toys are great, but flying toys are even better

Whilst teddy bears and toy cars are conventionally bound to the ground, our huge selection of flying toys take to the air, some staying there for minutes at a time. Our flying toys come in a huge variety, with remote control flying helicopters, foam gliders, rocket launchers and a whole host of other flying toys.

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Flying Toys

We have flying toys for everyone, from big boy’s remote control helicopters and flying saucers, to novelty flying grannies and kid pleasing stomp rockets. Our flying toys cover all price ranges, style preferences and ages, making our flying toys perfect gifts for flight loving children and adults alike.