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Poptastic - bubble popping fun for compulsive fiddlers....
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Anyone who has popped bubble-wrap will know just how addictive and curiously therapeutic it can be. The problem with bubble-wrap is that, with each tiny pleasure filled explosion, the wrap is destroyed a little more. Also, carrying a roll around with you is inconvenient and, in time, likely to attract derisive comments from friends and colleagues. Fortunately an ingenious solution is now available, in the form of this endlessly re-useable, electronic bubble-wrap substitute. The seven bubbly buttons are a perfect substitute for the pressure filled pads of the wrap and a convincing 'popping' sound is emitted each time one is firmly pressed. Authenticity is added by not allowing the same button to be pushed twice in succession and, for reasons known only to it's inventor, the device shouts "Ye-Ha!" after 200 pops. A brilliant gift for compulsive fiddlers - it's the gift that keeps on um.. Popping!
  • 4cm diam
  • 7 Bubbly buttons to press
  • Batteries included
Minimum age
Recommended minimum age for your guidance
Contains small parts
Warning! Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts
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Poptastic Poptastic Poptastic


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