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Cant Be Arsed

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Life affirming nonsense for all who Can't Be Arsed to pack in 101 experiences
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The natural antidote to all those 'top things to do before you die' lists that continually insinuate your life is not interesting enough and make you try and pack an 'essential experience' into every minute of your holiday. Author, Richard Wilson (not the actor but the producer of Have I got News For You) picks 101 things from other 'must go / do / listen to' lists and explains why he can't be, and you shouldn't be, arsed to bother with them. It's genuinely entertaining, punctuated with humorous personal experiences and a cut above similar books of observational wit. Classic thrill-seeking experiences such as sky-diving, having sex on a plane and skinny dipping are all thoroughly ridiculed as are 'unmissable' movies and 'must-see' destinations such as Thailand and the Pyramids. Life affirming nonsense for those who prefer their armchair to running a marathon.
  • 20.5cm
  • Hardback
  • 213 pages
Cant Be Arsed
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Cant Be Arsed Cant Be Arsed


Review by Susan Ashton
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More complicated to learn than I was hoping (Posted on 05/12/2012)

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