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What Are The Odds

Discover what the odds are of this, and the potential likelihood of that
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This book contains an answer for every time you've heard of a freak accident (of luck or misfortune) and wondered... what are the odds? Filled with the probability of this, and the likelihood of that, the subjects calculated include the chances of having red hair, becoming a millionaire and being killed by a falling coconut - not at the same time, you understand. What a happy coincidence you clicked through to this page; we'd advise you get a copy and see where fate takes you!
  • Discover the odds of a variety of desirable and undesirable events occurring
  • Great to dip in from time to time
  • 144 pages
  • Hardback
  • 18.5cm
What Are The Odds
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What Are The Odds What Are The Odds What Are The Odds


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What Are The OddsWhat Are The Odds
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