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Handy Candy Bag Swizzels Retro Mix

Swizzels Retro Mix - a yummy selection of retro sweets and lollies
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Swizzels Retro Mix is a mixture of retro chews, lollies and sweets. The Retro Mix of sweets contains: Drumsticks, a long lasting multi-flavoured chew on a stick; Fizzers, discs which fizz, as the name suggests; Climpies, delicious fruity flavoured boiled sweets; Fizzy Sherbits, refreshing boiled sweets with a fizzy centre; Love Hearts, with a fond message; Parma Violets, with the classic violet flavour; Double Lollies, powdery and divided into two colours and Fruity Pop Lollies, the classic fruit flavoured boiled sweet on a stick. This attractive ribbon tied bag of Handy Candy Retro Mix is ideal to share as there is something for everyone. Ideal for a family of children to have one each (perhaps after school), or just as refreshing treats to keep in the car. Contents may vary.
  • Fizzer Rolls
  • Climpies
  • Fizzy Sherbits
  • Drumstick Lollies
  • Fruity Pop Lollies
  • Love Heart Rolls
  • Parma Violets
  • Double Lollies
  • Contents may vary
  • 175g
  • Ribbon tied bag
Handy Candy Bag Swizzels Retro Mix
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Handy Candy Bag Swizzels Retro Mix Handy Candy Bag Swizzels Retro Mix


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Handy Candy Bag Swizzels Retro MixHandy Candy Bag Swizzels Retro Mix
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