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Sea Monkey Aquarium

A mini aquarium kit to hatch your own Sea Monkey creatures!
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Grow your own Sea Monkey pets with this neat little aquarium kit.

Owning them is an educational science experiment in itself. 'Cryptobiosis' means 'suspended animation', a phenomenon found in the Brine Shrimp, a species to which 'Sea Monkeys' are closely related. Their eggs, even after being stored for many, many years will hatch and a full shrimp-life-cycle will begin again.

Our kit consists of a 15cm plastic tank with built-in magnifying windows, and three envelopes: these contain water-purifier, eggs and a source of food. The eggs hatch almost immediately after being placed in the filled tank, and the subsequent rearing and caring is simple.

The creatures, almost invisible when they hatch, can soon grow to 1-2cm long and have many intriguing features including being reactive to light. They come with an informative and entertaining booklet and the experience could lead to a lifelong interest in science. Please note, daily care is necessary.
  • Plastic tank 15cm
  • Magnifying windows
  • Envelopes x 3: Water purifier, eggs & food source
  • Information booklet
Minimum age
Recommended minimum age for your guidance
Contains small parts
Warning! Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts
Sea Monkey Aquarium
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Sea Monkey Aquarium Sea Monkey Aquarium Sea Monkey Aquarium Sea Monkey Aquarium


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Sea Monkey AquariumSea Monkey Aquarium
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