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Triassic Triops Kit

Triops eggs hatch to become a fascinating creature care project
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Triops Longicaudatus (aka Triops) are fascinating creatures that first came into existence during the Triassic era, long before T-Rex ruled the Earth. Their eggs evolved to survive periods of drought, only to hatch once there has been sufficient rainfall. This rare characteristic enables us to safely store them until a time when it is convenient to care for them. Their relatively simple care, fascinating properties, energetic behaviour and short life-span, makes them an excellent educational project for schools whilst being fascinating and fun for any family.

This great value kit contains Triops eggs, instructions for their care, food, water conditioner and a handy "Thermo-Strip" to ensure the water stays at the optimum temperature. The pack also includes a suitably-sized, plastic tank to hatch the Triops, with gravel to line the base and create a more attractive environment for them to swim in.

An all-round educational product, conveniently providing everything required (apart from the water, of course!).
  • Box 7cm
  • Triops grow up to 5cm long
  • Triops can live up to 90 days
  • Water conditioner, food, eggs included
  • "Thermo-Strip" water temperature monitor
  • Detailed instructions
  • Plastic tank and gravel
Minimum age
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Triassic Triops Kit
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Triassic Triops Kit Triassic Triops Kit


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Triassic Triops KitTriassic Triops Kit
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