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The Little Book Of Camper Van

High quality, hardback book marking the VW Camper Van 60th anniversary
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The VW Camper Van has given joy to millions and is rightly celebrated in this small, high quality, hardback book marking its 60th anniversary. Now synonymous with surfing culture, the VW Camper has had a chequered history beginning with the post-war success of the VW Beetle. Starting with a historical look at the 'birth of a legend' the book shows examples of advertising campaigns, wacky paint jobs, VW Campers used for utility purposes, different types of camper and popular conversions such as the Dormobile. Nicknames that will be meaningful only to VW enthusiasts, such as 'Splittie', 'Bulli', 'Bread loaf' and 'Barn door', are affectionately mentioned in the informative text, which is interspersed with many, many photographs; in fact, a large one on every page. A gem to treasure, interesting for all, and particularly appealing for those who lived the dream!
  • 128 pages
  • Hardback
  • 16cm
The Little Book Of Camper Van
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The Little Book Of Camper Van The Little Book Of Camper Van


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The Little Book Of Camper VanThe Little Book Of Camper Van
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