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Sipping Bird

Sipping bird, a fascinating curiosity and conversation starter
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The sipping bird is one of those ever popular scientific curiosities that many people remember, but can be very hard to find! Powered by thermodynamics, when placed beside a glass of water the bird appears to sip it continually. Water evaporates from the bird's damp head, cooling a bubble of vapour inside his body. This causes the blue liquid to rush up the tube, upsetting the balance so the bird tips forward to dip his beak in the water. When almost horizontal, another bubble of vapour from the base of the tube is able to slide up into the bird's head. This in turn increases the pressure in the head and the blue liquid returns to the body, causing the bird to return to any upright position, but only once his beak has been moistened by the water so the cycle begins again. It is virtually a continuous process and surely the nearest thing to perpetual motion!
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Sipping Bird
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Sipping Bird Sipping Bird Sipping Bird Sipping Bird


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Sipping BirdSipping Bird
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