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Jelly Belly Bath Gels

Jelly Belly - a week of fun and fragrance in bubble bath
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Anything from the famous Jelly Belly company is guaranteed to be beautifully designed in the company's trademark vibrant colours and deliciously fragranced with scents such as 'Tangerine' and 'Cotton Candy'. These Bath Gels are no exception. There is no doubt the funky packaging is part of their appeal and what also makes them perfect presents. The Seven Bath Gels come as a set - a different bottle for each day of the week.
  • Box 27.5cm
  • 7 x 50ml
  • Seven different fragrances of bubble bath
Jelly Belly Bath Gels
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Jelly Belly Bath Gels Jelly Belly Bath Gels Jelly Belly Bath Gels


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Jelly Belly Bath GelsJelly Belly Bath Gels
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