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Levitating Strobe Pen

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Stare in amazement at the Levitating Strobe Pen as it floats in mid air
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This pen defies gravity; does stationery get any cooler!? You can spend your time stressing over the magic behind the effect (magnets) or you could just stare in awe as the pen spins in place, taunting friction as it gracefully twists and twirls. The clever black and white pattern makes the effect even better, making the pen appear to strobe as it spins. When you're ready to write, simply pluck the pen from its invisible cradle and its ready to use.
  • Floating pen and cradle
  • Repelling magnets keep pen afloat
  • Spinning pen creates strobe effects
  • Writes in blue ink
  • Base 12.5cm wide
Levitating Strobe Pen
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Levitating Strobe Pen Levitating Strobe Pen


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Levitating Strobe PenLevitating Strobe Pen
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