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Scalextric Sets

Super Scalextric sets and accessories

Set up a high-speed race around one of our Scalextric sets. These sets make brilliant gifts and are a fantastic way to introduce children (and big kids) to the exciting world of Scalextric racing.

Speedy Scalectric sets for any petrolhead

Our collection is home to some of the best Scalextric sets, which are guaranteed to provide endless hours of entertainment. Whether you go for the Triple Cup digital set, the special edition Star Wars pack or the monster Demolition Derby set, you’ll find something to suit any interest here. We also stock a varied selection of additional Scalextric parts, including braids, track extensions and additional vehicles, so you can transform your race into an impressive rally.

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Shop our brilliant collection today to find your perfect Scalextric set, and prepare to challenge your friends and family for the title of best driver! For more four-wheeled fun, check out our selection of remote controlled cars too.