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Hornby R8015 Point Motor Housing (Adaptor Base)

Place the Point Motor Housing near your track to accommodate and conceal a Point Motor
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Mount your Hornby Point Motor above or below the track with this specially made Housing base unit (R8015). It neatly accommodates the Point Motor and includes an extension arm that allows you to easily place the motor at different distances from the track. The base unit also includes a track-side shed that can fit over the top of the motor, concealing it should you position it on top of your board.
  • Hornby track accessory R8015
  • Housing unit for Point Motor accessory (R8014)
  • Variable extension arm
  • Includes top-side shed to conceal motor
  • 00 gauge
Hornby R8015 Point Motor Housing (Adaptor Base)
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Hornby R8015 Point Motor Housing (Adaptor Base)Hornby R8015 Point Motor Housing (Adaptor Base)
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