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Sat Nag

Sat Nag the perfect joke gift for any long suffering motorist!
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There's nothing quite like a passenger with a set of deeply irritating phrases to drive a motorist round the bend. This hilarious nag-in-the-box manages just that, with lines galore from the worst back-seat driver you will ever hear! "Over the next three miles you will clearly see six pot holes, three stop signs, a woman on a horse and a police car with its lights flashing, but I will point them all out to you anyway!" "I know you are a man but it's been 45 minutes now, so will you please admit we are lost and ask someone the way?" Activated at random during a long trip the coincidental phrases are bound to cause much amusement. Quite simply the quickest route to road rage and the perfect gift for any long suffering motorist!
  • Patronising female voice
  • Calls out at random intervals
  • Variety of annoying comments and instructions
  • Batteries included
  • Measures 10cm
Sat Nag
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Sat Nag Sat Nag Sat Nag


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Sat NagSat Nag
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