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3D Noughts And Crosses
3D Noughts And Crosses 3D Noughts And Crosses 3D Noughts And Crosses 3D Noughts And Crosses

3D Noughts And Crosses

Do you have the strategic mind to play 3D Noughts and Crosses?


Anyone can play plain old noughts and crosses, but it takes someone particularly bright to conquer a three dimensional version. Some might even say it requires a Mensa level of intelligence, so much so that the famous high IQ society has produced this 3D edition of the game. It adds a considerable layer of complexity and strategy to what many consider to be one of the simplest games there is. You still win by aligning three shapes in a row, but it opens up more directions than ever before!
  • 3D version of noughts and crosses
  • Produced by Mensa, the high IQ society
  • Board with nine pegs
  • 21 game pieces
  • Get three in a row to win (but in any direction)
  • Opens up new play strategies
  • Includes ten additional Mensa brainteasers (and answers)
  • Game base 10.5cm



Really liked this game. Definitely recommend it. Really liked playing it, so much different to the normal game of o's and X's
Review by Bevis 07/04/2017

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