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Accentuate Accentuate Accentuate Accentuate


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Good at putting on an accent? Play a hilarious game of Accentuate and prove it!

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Roll the dice, pick an accent and embrace the awkwardness! Accentuate is a game for two or more teams that tasks players to pick a quote and an accent, then combine the two for the other players to guess. You might draw a relatively easy card from the pack like Australian or Scouse, but we can't help but feel sorry for anyone who takes the Egyptian or Cypriot cards! Whatever accent the current player pulls, everyone else then has the pleasure of watching them squirm for the next thirty seconds as they do their best to bend vocal chords to match the regional dialect. Guess correctly and your team gets points, with the first to twelve being the victors.

  • Accent based guessing game
  • Guaranteed hilarity and awkwardness
  • 30 different accents
  • 90 quotations to read
  • Dice and 30 second sand timer
  • 180 cards in total
  • For four or more players in two teams or more
  • Box 15cm



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