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Astronaut Food Ice-Cream
Astronaut Food Neapolitan Ice-Cream Astronaut Food Neapolitan Ice-Cream

Astronaut Food Ice-Cream

Try Astronaut Food with this pack of freeze-dried Ice Cream


Eat the same food NASA Astronauts eat on space missions. The foil sachets contain freeze dried ice-cream which lasts almost indefinitely, making it suitable for long space flights. As they are eaten, saliva in the mouth re-hydrates the ultra-light chunks, returning them to their original state. (Warm ice cream is particularly strange.)
  • Freeze dried
  • 19g bags

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Used to have it every year for Christmas as a child, still buy it for my brother to remind us of childhood of course he has to share it though
Review by Martha 01/01/2017
I bought this for my nephew last year for Christmas and he loved it and said it was yummy. So I've ordered two for him for Christmas this year!!
Review by Lea 18/11/2016
This was an excellent present to buy for anyone as its a quirky fun thing which surprisingly tastes wonderful. I enjoyed it very much and will be buying it again!
Review by Joseph 02/08/2016
unusual present, very cool!
Review by Mrs Nancy Thompson 06/12/2012
Very amusing! Really does taste like ice cream.
Review by Dena Knight 05/12/2012
My sons who are in their 30's and my husband absolutely loved this. They thought it was brilliant and want to know if you could do something in marmite too!!!!
Review by SHANI HOLLAAND 05/12/2012
Nasty stuff, but my 10yr old thought it ACE!
Review by Kelly 04/12/2012
about what you would expect .... but not bought for taste or flavour !
Review by Claire Gemmell 04/12/2012
went down very well with my 7 year old granson
Review by brenda matthews 04/12/2012
much enjoyed by the young receipients
Review by Karen Shook 04/12/2012
Yummy and fun to try
Review by Rebecca Mead 03/12/2012
This was fascinating and the daughter I gave it too took it to work to show her workmates. It didn't last long.
Review by Mrs Maralyn Streeter 30/11/2012
Father was fair tickled with this. Don't know if he has tried it yet!!
Review by Audrey Fraser 27/11/2012
stocking filler, all received with a kiddie smile
Review by Caroline Baker 23/11/2012
Gave this to my step grandson which totally confused him but my adult son thought it was hysterical. Very good for stocking filler that will cause a laugh.
Review by Mrs A. Maybray 22/11/2012
Perfect for our astronaut-to-be. A variety of versions/flavours would be welcome.
Review by Maureen Johnstone 18/11/2012
Review by Fiona Irvine 16/11/2012
Can you get anything else? My son is in the scouts and he takes them camping with him.
Review by Jeanette Barron 16/11/2012
Review by SHEILA MACDONALD 16/11/2012
Review by michael knox watson 12/11/2012
It was used at school where the children were learning about space and the planets. It would have been useful to have been able to have more in the packet - hard to share round 30 children!
Review by Jackie Knowles-Baker 03/11/2012
Decided not to be an astronaut.
Review by Jennifer Grover 26/10/2012
strange texture but tasted just as it should!
Review by Catherine Hunter 04/10/2012

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