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2019 Boy's Stocking 14+
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2019 Boy's Stocking 14+

Christmas Stocking ready-filled with goodies for boys of 14 years and older


No time to stuff the perfect Christmas Stocking? Don't panic - we've already done it for you! Our Christmas Stocking is crammed full of little goodies sure to delight, including toys and games appropriate for boys 14 years and older. What's more, our 2019 Christmas stockings are just as fun as they were last year, but include a great range of new treats. We guarantee a minimum of £25 saving, that's more than 50% off the price if the same items had been bought separately, making the Hawkin Christmas Stocking very good value for money. Anyone would be delighted to receive one of these stockings at the end of their bed on Christmas morning. Contents vary from those shown.

  • New contents for 2019
  • Toys and games suitable for boys 14 years plus
  • Contents worth more than £50
  • 50% saving on full price of items
  • Contents may vary from those shown
  • Stocking 56cm
Minimum age
Recommended minimum age for your guidance


Packed full of great stuff. The Futurama model was fab. Fidget spinner..hmm all the rest was good. Well worth the money
Review by Sandyf 08/12/2018
very nice, very much worth the money paid and the toys are very well selected for the age range, will buy again.

Thanks Hawkins
Review by Debs 27/11/2018
Fantastic mix
Review by Crispynoodle 11/12/2017
About the only criticism I would make is that the 'Ninja' watches needed new batteries on arrival, & when I did get them working are pretty awful to read. Bought these stockings as part of a one present a day advent box for my God Children. Great value, good time saver, simply won't bother giving them the watches- still good value without them!
Review by TJ 21/11/2017
Excellent value for money def would buy again
Review by Nicola 03/10/2017
Have bought these numerous of time over the years for my eldest who's nearly 16, this year I have bought one for my 3.5yr old & my partner as well. They are always filled with great items & keep the kids entertained for hours. Looking forward to seeing their little face this year
Review by Amanda 06/12/2016
1st time I've ordered these and have to say I'm incredibly impressed.
Has saved a lot of time trying to find the gifts for a stocking.
Very good value for money.
Review by Rudolf 03/12/2016
Received item through click and collect. I checked out all the items in the sack and was pleasantly surprised. They really do represent good value for money without any rubbish fillers included in the deal.
Review by Ace 30/11/2016
This makes Christmas so easy. A prefilled stocking packed with silly and fun gifts. It's great value too.
Review by Thecakemaker 27/11/2016
Great novelty items, perfect for a teenager and excellent value for money.
Review by Wasfield 27/11/2016
This is a great time saver at Xmas! It gets harder to buy for boys as they get older, but this full of things that he loved, and all different to last year, really pleased. I bought the 14 yr old bag for my 11yr old son, spot on!!
Review by Fritz69 24/11/2016
Got these last year and have just got them again for this year. I wrap everything in them and add Xmas sweets and chocs. Both my boys love them. It gives us a smile at 5am Xmas morning and saves me hours of shopping for individual items for their stocking. Well worth the money.
Review by Knucksmum 11/11/2016
Bought for a gamer lover! A tricky 13 year old into gadgets! Never bought a pre filled stocking before, but love this idea. Not opened yet but its packed full and cant wait to see the surprises and his face on the big day. Happy with it already and don't know whats inside. He loves this shop
Review by Emily 05/11/2016
I've got this for my 10 year old tomboy daughter...can't wait to see her face opening the presents she is going to love it!
Review by Marshy 04/11/2016
Great stocking. Makes it easier than having to pick things for an older child. Very appropriate for age.
Review by memucker 01/11/2016
I have been buying these for years and as my children grow its great that these stockings grow with them. These contain appropriate toys for their age and very well filled so can't wait for this Christmas
Review by Suzie 12/10/2016
I got both my boys this stocking last year and again this year, lots of variety and different contents from last year. I can't wait for them to see it Christmas day well done Hawkin's Bazaar for another fantastic stocking I will be back again next year.
Review by Helen2211 10/10/2016
Wow, so much better than I expected.
I was just as excited on Christmas morning to see what was inside.
I also brought the 8y boys and older girls and they were all fantastic, will definitely be buying again.
Review by Louise 25/02/2016
After being disappointed because the contents were the same for 2 years running I gave it another go after reading the reviews and I have to say its great this year. All new items and all of them are great. Well worth the money
Review by karen 12/12/2015
Ive been buying these for my boys for the past few years and they never fail to delight, brilliant value for money. I just add a bit of chocolate, something personal, job done. Takes away the stress of finding cheap little things for a stocking, a job Ive always hated until I came across these. Would definately recommend.
Review by Emalined 04/12/2015
I was really impressed with this product, It's the first time I've bought a pre filled stocking and only because I was fed up spending so much money on stuff that was never used. I got the teenage one for my 10 yr old and I'm sure he will love the contents, just added chocolate and job done, would recommend
Review by Senga 03/12/2015
I found the toys in the stocking for boys 14 plus very young and was quite disappointed this year. We have been buying these for a few years now and this is the first time they haven't lived up to my expectations!
Review by tracy 01/12/2015
Great value for money and fantastic fun. My son's favourite part of Christmas day is opening his stocking and every year he's delighted with the contents. Well done and I will be placing an order next year.
Review by samanda 01/12/2015
Not sure of the age restrictions on these I bought for a slightly younger age group and was very appropriate.
Review by KATE 28/11/2015
Was unsure about ordering to begin with but I'm so glad I did! My son loves his Christmas stockings every year and I know this won't disappoint...a great variety of gifts, practical and funny, just how I usually do it! Will be doing this next year, much less hassle and great price.
Review by Wendy 24/11/2015
Buy these every year for my boys they've a bargain well worth the money full of really good things x
Review by Harper 17/11/2015
I buy these stocking's every year in the past a few have been the same as previous year's but my children still love them anyway. This year I have brought them again and the content's seems to be completely different from previous couldn't be happier with them!
Review by Sammy 31/10/2015
my mum got me this as a stocking last year there was a few things that were a bit more for people around 10 but i found it great all the products where fun i ended up getting some great stuff i then searched up half the items and they were very expensive put together but in this stocking htey were cheap thank you hawkins bazzar
Review by jamie 23/11/2013
This is really good, some great things inside. My only problem is that there are 2 things in it that are the same as last year, the can cap and the wordsearch cube thing, it would be nice to see all different things next year.
Review by Sara 06/11/2013
i have been buying these boys stockings for many years now and am very happy with both the contents, value for money and variety.
Review by Samantha McArdle 08/12/2012
Good value-,will they have a different selection next year?
Review by Anne E Homer 07/12/2012
The boys loved the contents
Review by Sue Ormiston 06/12/2012
Second year I have bought this product lovely gifts inside
Review by barbara cordell 05/12/2012
Brilliant ideas and gadgets
Review by suzanne hooker 03/12/2012
Very happy with all the items in the stocking
Review by gabrielle dowdell 03/12/2012
this saves me so much time when shopping for stocking fillers
Review by samantha powell 24/11/2012
Fab very pleased the stockings are great have had them for the past 4 years
Review by andrea coverdale 15/11/2012
I have bought these before and was worried that it would be repeated from the year before but it wasn't! Such a relief!
Review by Joy Roxburgh 14/11/2012
Again, brilliant.
Review by claire brenchley 13/11/2012
Good value for the price paid. We went with a boys stocking for a 17 year old boy as we didn't want anything 'inappropriate' from the older stocking. Overall very happy for two lazy parents!
Review by Keith Wright 13/11/2012
This is the first time I'd bought a boys 14+ but I was extremely happy with it, as was my son. I'll be purchasing it again this year.
Review by Emma Rushin 13/11/2012
Review by Jenny Jennings 12/11/2012
It worked very well - I would trust HB to judge what's age appropriate - although I gave it to a 12 year old
Review by Mrs Morag Radcliffe 10/11/2012
As always the Xmas stockings are brilliant
Review by Sheila Roy 05/11/2012
Good selection. Very pleased.
Review by vicky borrett 04/11/2012
My 12 year old Son thought the gifts were fantastic, well worth the money. Looking forward to next Christmas.
Review by Jane Cowell 02/11/2012
Good entertainment value
Review by trudi watkins 02/11/2012
Son loved it
Review by Gina Linley 02/11/2012
Great products and fun items to play with always different items each year which is good.
Review by Ann Bowden 02/11/2012
My son loved it...will be buying again!
Review by Elaine Wilson 30/10/2012
This year I had to buy extra boys ones because my son loves his! I had to buy for my two daughters boyfriends!! One each as well.
Review by Mrs Teresa Smith 29/10/2012
very excellant quality and very much worth the money paid and the toys are very well selected for the age range, will buy again this year.
Review by carol amey 07/10/2012
Ordered for my 9 year old grandson and he was highly delighted, lots of things to play with which he still has, so they have lasted well
Review by Deborah Cutmore 04/10/2012
good stockings had great contents
Review by kaye koscan 01/10/2012

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