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Buzzed Buzzed


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Break out Buzzed at your next party and watch everyone get tipsy really quickly


Looking for the drinking game that takes you from sober to smashed in as fewer rounds as possible- Then look no further than Buzzed! It's really simple, with players taking turns to draw a card from the top of the deck and read it to the group, which will then prompt various people to drink. Cards include "The next player you make eye contact with must drink", and "Challenge another player to a thumb war. Loser drinks". Bear in mind, these were some of the few safe for work examples that we were allowed to type up in the description. You can learn some really dirt secrets about your friends playing this game!
  • Drinking party game
  • 180 prompt cards with drinking instructions
  • Printed on thick cards with gloss finish (they're splash proof, if you're drinking)
  • Learn dark and dirty secrets about your friends
  • Adults only – there's loads of NSFW content in the box!
  • For three or more players
  • Recommended for ages 18 and up

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