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Cheeky Christmas – Adding Some Festive Fun to the Season


Walnuts and tangerines may have been a great stocking filler fifty years ago, but they’re unlikely to light up the faces of your little ones in 2017. From playful presents to giggle-inducing gags, it’s time to reinvent the festive season.


People can be rather grumpy about Christmas, bemoaning the fact that “it’s not what it used to be”, and blaming all the disappointment on that old scapegoat, commercialism. But the truth is, it’s what you make of it. So, with these ideas, let’s reinvigorate the season and make it fun for everyone!


Christmas morning


Waking up on Christmas morning and finding a stocking at the end of your bed, bulging with small gifts, is one of the greatest joys of childhood; it comes as standard, really. But just imagine your kids waking up on Christmas morning, full of beans, only to find that their stockings are empty! Has Father Christmas not been? Has Christmas been cancelled?


The stockings aren’t quite empty, though. Inside each one is a piece of wrapping paper (a different design in each stocking), with a note – in FC’s handwriting, of course – on the reverse. It says: “Find your presents wrapped in paper like this.” The note might give additional information, such as “there are six of them or if you find someone else’s, don’t tell!” In the case of very small children, an adult will need to help with the reading.


So off they go, hurtling all over the house, delving under beds, behind furniture, into kitchen cupboards, toy boxes, and tool boxes, hunting for those little toys that Father Christmas has cunningly hidden.


As each gift is found, it’s popped into the stocking, and when everyone has found all their presents, they can be opened. This Christmas morning game can be loads of fun, and it makes the stockings last a lot longer.


The post-dinner slump


Now, it’s often the case that by the afternoon of Christmas Day, excitement and tiredness take over, and things get a bit overwhelming, and tears and tantrums begin … but don’t forget – the children also get a bit frazzled.


This is a nice little game called “Let’s Decorate the Christmas Cake”. At teatime, bring out an undecorated iced cake, with a dish of Christmas cake decorations. It’s now up to the kids to make the cake look wonderful by adding little robins, holly, snowmen, sweeties, nuts… and anything else you can think of.


The plastic figures can be speared into the cake, but in the case of sweets and nuts, and anything else that doesn’t have a pointy bottom, you can use a little royal icing to glue them to the cake’s icing. If you have any royal icing left over from covering the cake, it can be kept in a sealed container until you need it. If the icing has hardened up, just pop it in the microwave for a few seconds and stir it well.


This activity also works with trifles, chocolate logs, and iced biscuits. Just don’t expect your sweetmeats to look like paragons of minimalist elegance!


Photographs are great, but wouldn’t it be lovely to have an artist’s impression of the Christmas Day cast! The children are bound to have some new felt-tips, pencils, or crayons – Father Christmas always brings those – so get them drawing. Suggest a family portrait, and maybe some pictures of the tree and the presents. When the children go back to school and have to write a report about their Christmas, they’re already a step ahead with the artwork!


Cheeky Christmas


Now for a total change of speed. If you’re looking for something a little risqué for your partner, or for a cheeky Secret Santa gift, here are some ideas for saucy stocking fillers hot enough to make a blogger blush.


Edible willies come in a variety of forms, including shortbread, pasta, jelly, cola, hard and succulent … it’s getting hot in here. Tasty treats for gents include jelly boobs, cola boobs, and gummy love rings; and for stress relief, with added titillation, your partner may enjoy squeezing some imitation, yet perfectly formed, body parts. Unfortunately, these are not yet available on prescription.


You wouldn’t think that a humble cuppa could be racy – but it’s scorching hot when it comes in a strip mug (these have to be seen to be believed) or a sexy bum mug. At around £5 each, these make an ideal Secret Santa gift, or a super stocking filler for that special someone. In the same vein, how about a knitted willy warmer! These come in all sorts of colours, including a rather fetching rainbow design. The sizing is always a sensitive matter, but in the case of the rainbow specimen, the product information states: 16cm (but don’t worry, it stretches to fit)!


The evening after the day before


Enough of this smut. Let’s move on to another game: Christmas Carol Charades.


Divide into two groups of two or more, and, in turn, act out the titles of Christmas carols. The performer’s team mates must guess the title within a designated time (use a watch or a mobile phone as a timer), and if they get it right, the team is awarded two points. If they can’t work out what the title is, the opposing team has a shot, and if they get it right, they get one point. This game only works if everyone is familiar with the titles of Christmas carols. Alternative categories are Christmas movie characters or Disney films.


Just one more for you: clockwork toy racing. It’s the coolest game out – well, it’s not really, but nobody has to know about it. How about popping a little clockwork toy in each stocking, and then racing them on the kitchen floor or the dining table.


… Oh, and one more: It’s called Guess the Number of Walnuts in the Jar. The name says it all.


Have a happy and fun-filled Christmas!