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Christmas Essentials

Everything you need to make Christmas special!

It just wouldn’t be Christmas without the little things. Find all the essentials for Christmas such as novelty Christmas games, pre-filled Christmas stockings, decorations and festive accessories.

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Your one-stop shop for Christmas cheer

Whatever you’re looking for, we have all of the essentials you’ll need for a fabulous festive season. For the home, we have a great range of Christmas decorations, including sew your own tree accessories, singing Rudolph ornaments and even a festive loo roll. Christmas wouldn’t be the same without pulling a cracker or two! In our range of Christmas party essentials, we have a variety of unusual crackers, packed with everything from modelling balloons to magic trick kits.

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Christmas essentials

Speaking of party essentials, we have lots of entertaining knick-knacks that will keep your guests entertained throughout the big day. From pudding juggling balls to Christmas dominoes, we have it all. Whether you’re looking for toys, gifts, gadgets or games, shop our range of Christmas essentials and find something for all the family this yuletide. Looking for inspiration? Check out our Christmas gift ideas page too.