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Codenames Codenames


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Sniff out friendly agents in Codenames whilst avoiding enemy spies on the board


Simplicity Rating

Play time: 15 minutes | Players: 2-10 (best with 6 or 8) | For ages: 14+

Enter a world of tactical espionage as two teams scrambles to identify the secret identities of their agents in Codenames. The game starts with 25 mystery people on the board that include a mix of civilians, friendly agents and enemy spies, each with a unique codename. Each team is headed by a spymaster who knows the identity of every agent in play, but can only give one-word clues that allude to multiple codenames on the board. It is up to their teammates to decipher these clues and find all friendly agents whilst avoiding those on the opposing team.

Can you figure out the clues and find your fellow agents in the field before the other team? It's up to clever spymasters to carefully steer their team to the correct clues whilst avoiding enemy spies on the other team. And whatever you do, don't find the assassin, otherwise it's game over! Codenames is a fantastic new take on classic words games that offers a deep play experience with simple rules. With over 400 codenames and 160 different setups, there are near endless possible game combinations that ensure you experience a unique game every time.

  • Spy themed word game
  • Uncover friendly agents and avoid enemy spies
  • 25 character cards
  • 40 key setup cards and card stand
  • 200 double-sided codename cards (with 400 codenames!)
  • Timer
  • 15 minutes play time
  • For two to ten players (across two teams)
  • Recommended for ages 14+

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