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Cracker fillers to make your Christmas crackers pop!

Cracker Fillers

Pulling Christmas crackers at the dinner table is a tradition that dates back to Roman times, where two gladiators were placed in a large arena on December 25 and forced to fight over a single present. Nowadays the affair is a lot less competitive and far more fun, but it is still traditional for two people pull a cracker in an effort to win the contents for themselves.

You can of course buy Christmas crackers that are ready out of the box, but we find it’s a lot more fun to make them up yourself! There are lots of make your own kits available to buy, as well as many guides online that show you how to create a set of crackers from scratch. But what do you put inside them? That’s where Hawkin’s Bazaar is happy to help!

When looking through our collection of toys, just lookout for a mention in the product features that it’s suitable as a cracker filler. This means that it’s the perfect size to go inside a Christmas cracker!

We have a huge range of gifts that we’ve carefully measured to ensure they fit inside a Christmas cracker. Generally speaking, if it slides inside a toilet roll without much hassle then it’s the ideal size to fit a cracker. Head over to our website today and check out our full collection of cracker fillers on offer.

We’ve got gifts for all ages and interests, allowing you to create the perfect crackers for all of your dinner guests. Whether you’re looking for a selection of toys, novelty gifts or just something a little bit silly, our range has it all. So what are you waiting for? Put together the perfect crackers today!