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Dixit Dixit


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An easy and light game to play, Dixit is a surprising story telling game that anyone can enjoy


Simplicity Rating

Play time: 30-45 minutes | Players: 3-6 (best with 5-6) | For ages: 8+

A game of fantastical storytelling and clever deduction, in Dixit, every card tells a tale. The game begins when one player looks at their hand of picture cards and then makes up a single phrase or sentence based on one the images. The other players then look at their own cards and give the storyteller the card in their hand that best matches the story. All of these story cards are then shuffled and shown face up, at which point all players place a bet on the card they think the story was based on.

Points are scored for correct guesses, with the storyteller scoring more points if the group is split in their decision (although if nobody or everybody guesses correctly, the storyteller gets no points for bad story telling!) At this point the role of storyteller moves to the next player and another tale is told. Dixit is a truly original and fun game to play, with beautifully illustrated cards that will spark your imagination and ensure that no two games are ever the same!

  • Light and easy story telling game
  • Use intuition to select the right story card
  • Be careful to avoid the decoys selected by other players!
  • First to 30 points wins the game
  • 84 beautifully illustrated cards
  • 36 voting tokens
  • Six wooden rabbits
  • 30-45 minutes play time
  • For three to six players
  • Recommended for ages 8+

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