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Dynamic Steel

Dynamic Steel

Play with Dynamic Steel for a few minutes and you'll be amazed at what it can do


Still pictures don't really do this one justice; you really have to see Dynamic Steel in action to be truly absorbed by its mesmerising effects! It may look like lots of interlinked rings, but it's actually an eight metre long steel ribbon woven into something called a Torus Spring. This amazing contraption may one day hold the key to unlimited energy (or so we're told), but for now it makes a super addictive fiddle toy for your desk or den.

Give the flat rings a nudge and they pop up into an incredible interwoven shape. Stick it on your arm, a pole or a length of rope and the cool coil grabs on, allowing this special spring to roll down in an utterly hypnotic spiralling motion. Try passing it between two people to watch it flow seamlessly from arm to arm or join your own hands together to roll Dynamic Steel from one shoulder to the other. It's astonishing to see!

  • Mesmerising desk toy and quirky curiosity
  • Also known as a Torus Spring
  • Rings pop up to form interwoven shape
  • Slides and swivels down your arm and other objects
  • Seamlessly pass from one person to another
  • Must be seen – watch video above
  • Expanded 29cm wide



Perfect toy for 5's to 50's, boy or girl. Quiet, no batteries, constantly intriguing; packs flat to take anywhere:- planes, church,car. What more could you ask? Oh, and it's not very expensive!
Review by JUDITH 29/09/2017
My 7 year old daughter loved this and has played with it constantly. We have had show after show with dynamic steel as the dance accessory. I haven't been able to find these in my now native Sweden so have since ordered 3 more at the behest of her friends and even one of her teachers.
Review by dan 10/06/2016
This is a really amazing toy. It's totally mesmerizing to look at and find different things for it to work on. Arm to leg works, as well as arm to arm! Lots of fun!
Review by Katarina 01/03/2016

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