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Exploding Kittens: Original Edition
Exploding Kittens: Original Edition Exploding Kittens: Original Edition

Exploding Kittens: Original Edition

Try Exploding Kittens and you'll be hooked on this card strategy game that's totally mad!


Simplicity Rating

Play time: 15 minutes | Players: 2-5 (best with 4-5) | For ages: 7+

If you like kittens and explosions then we have the game for you! Exploding Kittens is a little like Russian Roulette, only with more strategy and combustible cats. Players take it in turns to put down and draw new cards from the deck. When you draw an exploding kitten card you are out of the game, unless you have a defuse card that offers a one-use safety net. There are also a range of other cards that let you skip turns, attack players, relocate exploding kittens and generally form a range of fun, complex and cruel strategies against other players.

As the game goes on the odds of finding an exploding kitten increase, making the final few draws some of the most intense card-game related moments you're ever likely to witness. But even if you lose, the hilarious illustrations on each and every card provide enough reasons to jump back into the next game. Exploding Kittens is rapid-fire strategic card gaming at its very best, and is guaranteed to have the room reeling with laughter in every game.

  • Rapid fire strategy card game
  • The card game that made Kickstarter history
  • Draw an exploding kitten and you lose
  • …unless you can defuse it
  • …or use other cards to trap your opponents
  • Hilarious illustrations on every card
  • Quick to learn
  • 15 minutes play time
  • For two to five players
  • Recommended for ages 7+

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Review by Ashlynn 19/06/2018

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