Gifts and presents for every occasion


  • How can I enter your competitions?

    You can find the exact method to enter each competition, as well as any special rules or conditions, on the same page as the competition is hosted. This could be on our Facebook page, website, or other, specially created, competitions page.

    We’ve given away some fab prizes so far, including remote control helicopters, huge prize bundles and even a Christmas stocking or two!

  • Where can I hear about your latest competitions?

    Sign up to our emails or follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@HawkinsBazaar) to hear about our latest competitions and find relevant links and instructions. If you think it’s good, don’t forget to share it with your friends. The more the merrier!

  • What are the prizes?
    Everything you’ve ever dreamed of - perhaps. Do you dream of winning toys, gifts and gadgets? If so, you’re in luck! The exact prizes for each competition will be clearly displayed or listed with the competition post. It’ll be awesome, whatever it is.
  • What are the rules?

    You must stand on one leg for the duration of the competition and follow a series of commands contained in emails topped with the subject line “Hawkin says…”

    That’s probably a lie.

    Truthfully, everything you need to know will be contained within the competition post itself. For the finer details, you can read the T&Cs at

  • Where are the winners announced?

    We’ll contact the winners by email soon after the competition ends.

  • How often do you host competitions?

    As and when the mood takes us. Usually this is about once a month, but towards Christmas we tend to get a little more excited. That’s when we bring out the bigger prizes and host loads of competitions in close succession.

  • Did I win?

    You’ll have to check your email to find out! We contact our competition winners by email shortly after the giveaway ends, usually on the first working day after the closing date. If you entered a competition through our Facebook page, then the email address associated with your Facebook account will be the one we use to contact you.