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Placing an Order

  • Can I add to my order after I have submitted it?

    Sorry, but no. Once you have completed your order, it goes so quickly through the system that it is impossible to add or delete individual parts of an order. Please double-check your order before you click the final 'Place Order Now' button.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept Visa (including Electron), Mastercard, American Express, Eurocard and Delta credit and debit cards, as well as online payments through Paypal. Unfortunately we cannot accept cheques, BACS transfers or detailed drawings (even if they’re really good) as payment, however if you have a 5.2 litre Lamborghini Huracan to trade, we’re open to offers.

  • How do I apply a discount or promotional code?

    Did you manage to get a hold of one of our discount or promotional codes? Excellent! You can apply it to your order at the Shopping Bag page. Simply add the item you want to your bag, then click on the Shopping Bag item in the top right corner of the website. Once you’re at the shopping bag, find the text box on the page labelled ‘Discount Codes’ and type in your code. Click ‘Apply Discount’ and it will automatically apply it to your order. For an utterly gripping read of the T&Cs surrounding discount codes, just head over to our Terms and Conditions page.

  • Where can I find discount or promotional codes?

    Hunting for Hawkin’s Bazaar discount codes? The best place to find them is in our emails, as whenever we create a code it will usually be emailed out for our customers to take advantage of it. If for some reason it’s not in an email, it will definitely appear on our social media pages, such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as across our website in banners. You can register to receive our offer emails on our email sign up page.

    The one thing we don’t recommend is relying on voucher code websites. We have no control over what appears on these sites and a lot of the time they can list codes that have already expired. Believe it or not, we create these codes for you and want you to find them, they’re not hidden away!

  • Where do I find my order number?

    Shortly after you place an order with us, we’ll ping over an email that contains your order number. You can find this just under the third paragraph and above your billing information. Alternatively, you can log in to your account to view your recent orders. From here you’ll be able to find your order number in the far left column.

    Should you ever need to contact us about a specific order, please quote this number so that we can help out with the issue as fast as possible.

  • How do I cancel my order?

    Send us a cancellation email ASAP! We’ll need to catch your order before it’s loaded onto a truck by our warehouse elves, so please go to our contact page and send a message to the cancellation team (select "Cancel My Order" and a reason in the drop down boxes). They’ll get a message through to the warehouse as fast as possible to stop your order and issue a refund. Don’t leave it too long though, as if your order has already left us it’s beyond the point of cancellation and you’ll have to contact us about a return. Your message doesn't need to include much, but please make sure it has your name and order number so we can find it. A simple example of what to send us would be:

    "Dear Hawkin's Bazaar, please cancel my order #[insert your order number] placed on [order date] under the name [order name here]."

    Send us an email from our contact page, here!

  • Can I request a specific design of a product?
    Occasionally our products are available in a variety of colours or slightly different designs. Unfortunately it is not possible to specify a preferred design at this point in time. However, if you order more than one item that is available in multiple variants, we’ll ensure you get a variety of designs in your order.