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  • How do I leave a review on a product?

    We’ve written in-depth instructions on how to review your purchase in our online Review Guide. The short version is that you can navigate to the page of the product you want to review, then scroll down to the reviews section and click ‘Submit a Review’. From here you’ll be able to set a star rating, write your review and leave it under a screen name of your choice.

    However, if you login or register for an account and then proceed to write a review for us, you'll be entered into a prize draw to win £50 at the end of the month. You must be logged in to win though, otherwise we'll have no way to contact you!

  • Wait, I can win £50 by writing a review?

    Yup! Every month we look at all of the reviews we have received and pick our favourite. The lucky reviewer will then be sent a £50 voucher to spend at Hawkin’s Bazaar. Flattery will get you everywhere, but your star rating and opinion of the product will not affect your chances of winning. We’re looking for thoughtful and well written reviews that give a balanced judgement. Being funny will increase your chances too, as we always enjoy things that give us a chuckle! We’ve written a brief review guide if you’d like a few more tips on what we like. You can also check out our Terms and Conditions page for more information.

  • What sort of things should I include in my review?

    Whatever you like! Above anything we really value your true opinion of the product, including anything that you believe other customers should know before considering whether to buy it. The one thing we do request is that should the item be damaged or not how you expected in any way, you give us a chance to fix the situation before leaving a negative review due to it being faulty.

    These are the kind of things we like to see in our customer reviews:

    The best reviews include not only whether or not you liked the product but also why. So please tell us why you liked or disliked something.

    Be specific about the product you bought, mentioning detailed features of the product and your experience in using it.

    Try to keep the review to between 100 and 500 words – not too long, but not too short.

    Be honest - we want your honest opinion of the product, good and bad.

    Keep it clean! We’d hate to remove your review because it might upset someone.

  • Why should I write a review?

    There are loads of reasons to write a review! First and foremost, it lets us know what you like and what you’re not so keen on. This feedback is very valuable and helps us make important decisions further down the line, such as what new toys, gifts, gadgets and games we get in.

    It’s also a great way to help out your fellow customers who are struggling to find gift ideas for their nearest and dearest. You never know, your review might help save someone’s Christmas!

    And in case that’s not enough, you could win a £50 gift voucher for your efforts! So what are you waiting for? Write a review now!