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Scratch Cards

  • Where can I register my winning scratch card code?

    Simply go to and you’ll be able to register your winning scratch card code online. Just follow the instructions on the scratch card website and you’ll receive an email with your prize and details about how to claim it. Good luck!

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  • What can I win?

    We’ve got a wide variety of instant scratch card prizes including free polygliders, 20% off vouchers, free pocket money toys, £10 off vouchers and the grand prize is an iPad Mini. But that’s not all, as every scratch card redeemed online (including the losing ones) are entered into a grand prize draw to win £300 to spend at Hawkin's Bazaar. That’s your Christmas sorted and then some!

    We've saved the fun stuff (well, the legal bits we have to say) for the terms and conditions if you want to read more.

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  • When will you pick the winner of the grand prize draw?

    All scratch cards redeemed online, whether they’re winners or losers, are entitled to a single entry for our annual grand prize draw. We’ll pull the lucky winner out of a hat at the end of November, giving them enough time to enjoy their £300 prize before Christmas!

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  • Why should I register a losing code?

    Because if you don’t, you might not win it big! Whilst your losing scratch card means you haven’t won an instant prize, you can still register it at to be entered into our grand prize draw. All codes - winners and losers - that are registered online before 20/11/17 will be entered into a prize draw to win £300 to spend in store or online. That’s a big chunk of Christmas sorted! But remember, you have to be in it to win it, so make sure you register your code online.

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  • I haven’t received my prize email yet. What do I do?

    So you’ve registered at or and your email hasn’t arrived yet? We’ll assume you’ve checked your spam folder and have waited patiently for more than 20 minutes or so (our emails can take a little while to send if there’s a lot of requests coming in).

    If you haven’t received a scratch card prize email at this point, go to our contact page and get in touch with the web team (select "Website Issues" and "Scratch Cards" in the two drop downs). Send them a message with your name, email address, scratch card code and nearest store and they’ll be sure to trigger another prize email for you as soon as they can.

    Send us an email from our contact page, here!

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  • How do I get a Hawkin’s Bazaar scratch card?

    When you visit a Hawkin’s Bazaar shop, you should have a scratch card handed to you whilst you browse or at the till (if you're not offered one, just ask!) You can excitedly scratch off the silver panel where you stand, or wait until you get home. Either way, you’re looking for three space hoppers. Good luck!

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  • How do I claim my prize?

    Notice the ten digit code beneath your row of three winning space hoppers? Simply go to and enter this code into the box. Fill in the rest of the details as indicated (we need your name and email address to send you your prize) and press Enter. You’ll shortly receive an email with your prize and instructions of how to claim it.

    In the case of a discount or money off voucher prize, you’ll find details about how to claim it at a Hawkin’s Bazaar shop or on our website. If the prize is something physical, such as a free pocket money toy, then you can only claim this prize from one of our shops.

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