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Funko POP! FAQs

Funko POP! Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: 16/08/19

We've pooled together the largest selection of Funko POP! related FAQs on the web. We've tried to cover everything, from buying and maintenance to details about the figures and Funko itself. If the information you need isn't here, please fire your question to the team on [email protected] We'll get back to you as soon as possible and then add it to this page to help out the next person who wants to know!

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Check out our POP! Vinyl frequently asked questions below:

POP! Vinyl Figures

What are Funko POP! Vinyl figures?

New to Funko POP! Vinyl? No problem, allow us to bring you up to speed. POP! Vinyl are figures based on your favourite characters from blockbuster films, cult classic TV series and even videogames. Each one is made from quality PVC (shortened to vinyl) and painted with a high level of detail. They have a slightly cartoonish appearance, with a large head and smaller body. They are also highly collectible and a huge craze at the moment!

You’re bound to find your favourite hero (or even villain) as a POP! figure. For example, if you’re a fan of the wizarding world, then you should definitely check out our Harry Potter POP! collection. Likewise, if you’re into the latest and greatest small screen heroes, you’ll love our TV POP! range of figures. Also, don’t forget to check out our great value multi-buy offer on standard POP! You can purchase two regular figures for £24, three for £33 or four for £40.

How big is a POP! Vinyl figure?

It varies from figure to figure, but generally speaking, most POP! Vinyl figures are 4” (or about 10cm) in height. This can vary slightly as accessories (such as hats) or hairstyles might make them bigger. Similarly, a defining trait of the character might be that they are very short or particularly tall, so this might be reflected in the POP! figure’s height too. Generally speaking, the head makes up a third to half the total height of the figure. Also, look out for super-sized figures, as these are larger than regular figures and can be either 6” or 10” tall.


What are the different types of POP! Vinyl figure?

Some POP! Vinyl figures come with special variations. Sometimes these are rare or specific features to exclusives, but they can also be part of the regular design. We’ve listed some of the most common varieties below:

Flocked: These POP! Vinyl figures feature a light furry or fuzzy coating that gives them an interesting texture, both to their appearance and the way they feel in your hand.

Super-sized: A super-sized figure is much larger than a standard POP! Vinyl, standing at either 6” or 10” tall (a regular POP! is 4”) .

Glow in the dark: As you would expect, these figures glow in the dark.

Invisible: Whilst not technically invisible, these POP! Vinyl figures are translucent, which gives them a similar effect.

Sepia: POP! Vinyl figures that are sepia will have a reddish-brown tint to them. It’s like the colour has been drained from them in the same way it is in an old photograph.

Black and white: Like the name suggests, these figures are black and white with a cool monochrome design.

Vaulted: When Funko cease production of a specific design it is consigned to the vault. Very rarely, they may choose to revive a POP! figure as a limited run. These return as vaulted POP! Vinyl figures.

Scented: We’re not making this up, we promise! There are a few scented figures out there which carry their own unique aroma, such as the Strawberry Shortcake line and even a Swamp Thing figure.

Rides: POP! Rides feature certain characters riding on a vehicle or creature as they do in the film/TV series/videogame in which they are featured. Popular examples of this include Batman in the Batmobile, Daenerys riding Drogon, and Woody driving RC.

Movie Moments: If there is a particularly iconic scene or moment from a TV series or movie, it might be immortalised in POP! form as a Movie Moment statue. This can depict anywhere from one to three POP! figures posed in scenery to recreate a specific scene, such as Thor vs Thanos from Avengers Inifinity War, or Ron riding a chess piece from Harry Potter.

What is a chase and how do I get one?

A chase POP! Vinyl is a rare version of a standard figure. It might have a slightly different colour scheme or design to the regular POP!, or could even be holding a different accessory or strike a different pose. Whilst some retailers and independent sellers mark-up the price for these rare figures, we sell them at the same price as our regular POP! Vinyl. The catch is, we do not separate chase figures from the regular set, meaning everyone has a chance to get the rare POP!

The odds of receiving a chase vary depending on the figure, but in our experience, it’s usually a one in six chance. Please note, just because you order six figures does not mean you will definitely receive a chase POP! Vinyl – that’s not how probability works.

If there is a chase variant available, this is usually indicated in the product’s name or features. There is not a chase available for every design.

What are exclusive POP! Vinyl?

Exclusive POP! Vinyl figures are occasionally released at big conventions (such as the New York and San Diego Comic Con events) or specific retailers. You can tell if it’s event exclusive by the sticker on the front of the box. These exclusive figures may have a slight design tweak (such as different coloured clothing or a unique accessory) or might be a POP! Vinyl figure that is only available from that specific event or retailer. As such, exclusive POP! are very rare and highly sought after by collectors. If you see an exclusive and want it, don’t hang around too long – it might be gone soon.


How often are new POP! Vinyl figures released?

Funko release new POP! Vinyl figures throughout year, usually just ahead of the release of a new film or TV series. These releases tend to peak around Comic Con events, such as those in London, San Diego and New York. We will launch new POP! as soon as we receive them, which is usually every couple of months. The best way to find out about new POP! Vinyl releases at Hawkin’s Bazaar is to sign up to our emails. Check back weekly to find new figures!

What is a prototype POP! Vinyl?

Like most products, new Funko POP! Vinyl figures have prototypes made before they are mass produced and ready to sell. These prototypes are often unpainted, and created specifically for testing, evaluation and assessment purposes. As they are not intended for the public and never sold commercially, they are incredibly rare and highly prized by collectors.

How do I make a glow in the dark POP! Vinyl glow?

Some Funko POP! figures have glow in the dark features (or can even be entirely glow in the dark!) However, the glow in the dark details won’t just work instantly, they need to be charged first. If you leave the glow in the dark item in the sun, under a bright light, or even focus a powerful torch or UV light on them, the glow in the dark paint will absorb the light and glow when placed in dark conditions.

What are Funko POP! figures made of?

The quick answer is vinyl, but this is a shortened term for polyvinyl chloride, more commonly known as PVC. Vinyl is the second largest manufactured and sold plastic resin in the world today, largely due to its ease of manufacture, relatively cheap cost, and highly durable end product. As well as Funko POP! figures, vinyl is also used a lot in construction to make flooring, frames and more.

About Funko

Who founded Funko?

The company was originally founded in 1998 by Mike Becker, a t-shirt designer from Snohomish, Washington. Becker started creating collectibles when he wanted to create a coin bank out of American fast food icon, Big Boy. Replicas on eBay were too expensive, so he decided to create his own, which was the moment that started it all. He then went on to produce other similar characters, eventually adding bobblehead figures to his list of creations too.

Big Boy

Who is the current CEO of Funko?

In 2005, entrepreneur and self-confessed collectible fan, Brian Mariotti, purchased Funko from Becker. Mariotti is now the CEO of Funko, and is a big part of the company’s success in the toys and collectibles market.

Does Funko have an official slogan or company motto?

They sure do! The company’s official slogan is: “If it ain’t Funko, it ain’t fun!”

What was the first Funko POP! Vinyl figure?

The first Funko POP! figures were unveiled in 2010 at the San Diego Comic Con. Originally packaged as Funko Force 2.0, the first figures produced were Batgirl, Green Lantern, and two variants of Batman. They were shipped in clamshell plastic packaging too, rather than the iconic box for which POP! figures are now known.

How many POP! Vinyl figures are there in total?

This number is constantly changing, so it’s hard to pin down a precise figure! According to the official Funko app, at the time of writing there are more than 8,200 POP! Vinyl figures. If you were to stack all of them, one on top of the other, they would be more than twice the height of the Empire State Building.

Who is Freddy Funko?

Freddy Funko is the official company mascot of Funko. He is typically depicted with freckles, red hair, and a golden crown. More than just a corporate figure head, Freddy Funko has worked his way into almost every line that Funko produces. He has even taken on the guise of different characters from franchises, such as a white walker from Game of Thrones, Olaf from Frozen, The Joker from Batman and many more. No matter what he’s wearing though, you can always spot it’s Freddy Funko as he wears his signature crown.

What other collectibles do Funko produce?

Whilst POP! Vinyl are perhaps the most well-known collectibles in the Funko collection, they also produce several other ranges based on your favourite TV and movie characters. We stock a range of Mystery Minis as well as Funko Plush toys. You can also look out for Dorbz, Hikari XS, Pint Size Heroes, Rock Candy, Vynl, Wobblers and POP! Pez, all of which are also Funko collectible brands. They have also started a range of bags and wallets based on popular licenses under the Loungefly brand.


How much is Funko worth now?

As of July 2019, Funko has a net worth of $1.18 billion or £945 million (based on current stock price multiplied by the number of shares outstanding).

Where is Funko based?

Funko has offices spread across the US and Europe, with their headquarters in Everett, Washington. Fans can visit their HQ and check out the incredible 17,000-square-foot flagship POP! shop, where they can gather, connect and enjoy a unique Funko experience. Their other offices can be found in San Diego, Chatsworth and London. As of March 2019, Funko employs over 800 people.

Is there a Funko movie?

There will be! Announced in 2019 by Warner Bros, an animated movie featuring POP! Vinyl characters is currently in the pipeline. It is very early days yet, but we’re hoping to learn more details about it soon. Based on the overwhelming success of The LEGO Movie, we’re amazed a POP! movie hasn’t come about sooner. There is also a Netflix documentary that focusses on the company called Making Fun: The Story of Funko.

Is there a Funko videogame?

There are a few! Funko POP! Blitz is a smartphone game that taps into the hugely popular and highly addictive Match Three style games (like Bejeweled). It’s very similar, except instead of matching gemstones or fruit, you’re trying to align groups of your favourite POP! Vinyl heads. But that’s not all! Gears POP! is another smartphone title based on the Gears of War Xbox game series. It is a real-time multiplayer mobile game that features explosive arena battle gameplay.


Is there a Funko podcast?

You bet there is! It’s called Funkast and you can find it on your favourite podcast streaming service, as well as on the official Funko website. There are more than 100 available to get stuck into right now, with new episodes being released every few weeks.

What is Wetmore Forest?

Funko has launched its own set of characters that are creatures based in the fictional land known as Wetmore Forest. These feature prominently in a children’s book series of the same name that focus on loveable light-hearted POP! monsters called Bugsy Wingnut, Tumblebee, Butterhorn and Snuggletooth.

Repairs & Maintenance

How do I clean marks off of figures?

If your figure has a scuff or mark on it, we recommend you clean it off with a block of melamine foam. It’s a sponge-like cleaning pad sold under a variety of different names, including Magic Eraser, Magic Cleaning Sponge and similar. It is a chemical free and highly effective abrasive cleaner that can get into tiny grooves and pits on the microscopic level. They’re also very effective at cleaning the likes of crayon, marker pen and grease from walls!

My Funko POP! figure won’t stand up – what can I do?

If you are collecting Funko POP! Vinyl figures and keep them outside of the box, you may find that they have the occasional stability issue. They do, after all, feature a large head and small feet. The first thing to check is if the figure has a hole in one of its feet. This usually indicates that the figure has a stand that has been left in the box. However, the best solution that we have found is a small blob of Blu Tack on the bottom of a foot. This will keep your POP! Vinyl figure standing upright without any issues.


How do I straighten bent accessories, like swords or other fragile parts?

If part of your figure gets bent or slightly misshapen it can be fixed by gently applying heat and correcting the position. For finer details and thing accessories, we recommend heating the area gently with a hair dryer until the plastic becomes soft. At this point, you can gently bend the part back into the correct position, then let it cool and harden again. For thicker parts that need correcting, such as limbs, run it under the hot tap or submerge the part in hot water until it softens. Again, once softened the part can be corrected and then left to cool.

How can I make my POP! figure’s head sit straight?

If the head of your POP! figure needs to be straightened, there are a couple of reliable methods you can use. First of all, if it is a bobble head character that needs correcting, you can thread cotton balls into the spring that connects the head to the body and then manipulate it until the head sits straight. For non-bobbly head characters, simply submerge their head in hot water until the glue softens, then gently move it until it sits in the right position. You may have to hold it in place until the glue cools and dries again to achieve the desired position.

What’s the best way to re-attach a broken body part on a figure?

Your best bet is a small amount of strong adhesive, such as super glue, epoxy glue, or even a hot glue gun. The most important bit of advice is to use the glue sparingly and be very careful. If you use too much glue and it spills out of the repair area, wipe away any excess immediately, otherwise you might be left with an uneven finish. Also, make sure the glue you use will appear clear after it has dried. If it doesn’t say how the glue looks when dried on the packaging, it might be worth testing some on a scrap of card first.

How do I remove the head of a Funko POP! ?

Whilst not designed to be easy, it is possible to remove the head of a Funko POP! figure. You might do this if you choose to customise a figure or swap their heads. The first thing to look out for is if the character has a round disc that connects their neck to their head. If so, it’s fairly simple to remove the head with a little care and effort. First of all, submerse the head in hot water for about five minutes to melt the glue inside and soften the plastic. Once softened, start to pull the head away from the body, specifically focusing on the edge of the disc around the figure’s neckline. It might help if you wedge a blunt edge knife into the gap to help lever the head away from the body. Once you’ve separated the edge of the head from the disc, it should simply lift off.

Buying POP! Vinyl

How do I know that I’m buying an authentic POP! figure?

There are some key tell-tale signs to look out for when trying to spot a fake POP! Vinyl figure. First of all, check the figure for a serial number, usually found on the foot, base or under the head. If there is no serial number, then it’s a fake. Another thing to look out for is licensing information (e.g. HBO, Marvel, Lucasfilm, Fox, etc), again usually on the foot or base of the figure. If the licensing information is missing or incorrect, it’s not a genuine figure. Poor overall quality is another sign that the figure might be a fake.

The easiest way to ensure you don’t get a fake Is to buy POP! Vinyl from us! We are an official stockist and only receive our stock from Funko themselves. Every Funko POP! Vinyl figure we sell has been supplied directly from Funko and is guaranteed to be authentic. The only time you are really at risk of buying a fake is when you use a third party supplier or marketplace. We only sell the real deal.

My POP! figure arrived damaged – what can I do?

Oh no! If your POP! Vinyl figure has arrived damaged (e.g. a piece of the figure has broken off in transit) then contact the retailer. If you purchased your figure from us, you can talk to our team on [email protected] and we’ll get it sorted ASAP. Whilst we strive to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase, we do not class small scuffs, tears, dents or other superficial damage to the outer-box to be a fault. The box is there to protect what is inside it! We will not offer refunds, partial refunds, or replacements for any minor damage on the product’s box. Nor do we keep spare boxes or replacement boxes for Funko POP! figures.

Where do custom POP! figures come from?

Custom POP! Vinyl are, as the name suggests, completely customised figures. Maybe your favourite character doesn’t exist as a Funko collectible yet? Or maybe you need your favourite movie hero in a very specific outfit? This is where third party POP! artists are happy to step in. Just search Google, Etsy, Facebook or other communities and you’ll find loads of great people who are ready to step in and help. Just be aware, custom Funko POP! Vinyl are likely to be a lot more expensive than official, off the shelf figures. You can also try it yourself by picking up one of the blank DIY POP! figures that Funko produce.

What is a POP! Asia re-release figure?

A selection of POP! Vinyl figures saw a limited re-release in Asia, with new figures being produced based on previously ceased models. They were mostly Star Wars figures, such as Luke Skywalker (Jedi) and Slave Leia in their original blue boxes. As such, they have made some of these figures a little easier to obtain. You can tell whether the figure you have is an Asia re-release or not by looking on the front of the box at the age rating bubble in the bottom left corner. If it reads 15+ then it is a Funko POP! Asia re-release figure.

When are exclusive Funko POP! figures released?

There is no set time table for when all exclusive Funko POP! Vinyl are released, but the bulk of them seem to debut at the big conventions throughout the year. Look out for big announcements around San Diego Comic Con, New York Comic Con and Emerald City Comic Con especially. These will usually tell you where you can buy the exclusive figures in your region too. The easiest way to learn about when new exclusives are due to arrive is to be involved with online POP! collector communities, such as those found on Facebook and Reddit.

The POP! I want is out of stock – where can I get it?

Funko POP! Vinyl figures can appear out of stock because they’re on pre-order, more stock is due to arrive soon, or there are simple no more left available for retail. In the first two instances, it’s just a case of waiting until they are ready to ship. In the latter case though, you may have to put a little more effort in to finding it. Again, we recommend turning to online communities, like those on Facebook and Reddit. If you post to these groups to say that you are looking for a particular figure, they are usually more than happy to help, or at least tell you the odds of finding one near you.

Starting a Collection

Should I display my POP! in or out of the box?

It is entirely up to you. Personally, we prefer to take the figures out of the box and display them like that. You can see all of the detail that way and enjoy each figure how it was intended. Of course, you might prefer to keep them in the box so that they can be stacked more easily (plus, the artwork on the box is really cool). If you change your mind either way, Funko POP! Vinyl figures do not come sealed in the boxes. Therefore, you can take them out or replace the packaging as much as you like.


Will Funko POP! be worth money in the future?

There is no simple answer to this question, but we do not recommend that you think of POP! Vinyl figures as an investment. Certain figures can command a high re-sale price if they are very rare and no longer in production. Similarly, a complete set of boxed figures from the same collection might be worth more money than the individual POP! Vinyl figures. However, we do not think it is a good idea to treat them as anything other than cool collectibles. Love your figures for what they are!

What is a Funko POP! Holy Grail?

Holy Grail is a term used by collectors for the rarest of rare items. They are more than just a chase, but instead are figures that are near impossible to obtain. These might include one-offs of very limited run units, as well as prototype figures and other POP! merchandise that is never officially released to the public. As such, they are usually incredibly expensive and highly sought after.

How do you store Funko POP! collectible figures?

A shelf or bookcase is the most obvious solution, as it allows your figures to be displayed in a way that allows you to view and appreciate you collection easily. If you want to make something especially for your figures, then you first need to decide if you are collecting figure in or out of their boxes. And wherever you store them, try to keep them out of direct sunlight, otherwise you risk the colour fading. Do not keep them on the windowsill!

If you opt for an in the box solution, your best bet would be to store them on shelves, either attached directly to your wall or assembled within a shelving unit or cabinet. The ideal height between each shelf is 33cm. This allows you to stack two standard POP! boxes on top of one another, and still leave 1cm of wiggle room to help get them in and out. It’s ideal to stack them two high on a shelf as it allows you to cut down on the materials and total weight of your finished shelving unit.

Storing them out of the box gives you a few more options and a little more freedom. We’ve seen some brilliant examples of characters store separately in wall-mounted cubes, as well as figures displayed on a single shelf but in tiered rows, a bit like seating at a stadium or the cinema. An acrylic riser stand is ideal for this kind of display.

What are the best Funko POP! figures to collect?

With so many figures from hundreds of different franchises now available, you should probably focus on what interests you the most! You can collect superheroes, film and TV characters, childhood cartoon icons, videogame figures and more. The list is almost endless. If you’re looking for a complete collection, or want something that might retain value as a collector’s item, it is a good idea to collect entire series of characters when they become available. To know what figures are part of the same series, simply look on the back of the box to find the other characters.

What is the rarest Funko POP! ?

There are many very rare Funko figures, usually released in limited quantities as convention exclusive POP! Vinyl. Well known examples include Holographic Darth Mail, Shadow Trooper and Skeletor (Black Hood), each of which only had 480 figures made. However, there are even rarer figures than these! For example, the original run of Alex DeLarge from A Clockwork Orange was only 24 figures, twelve normal and twelve glow in the dark. And even rarer yet are the metallic gold and platinum versions of Stan Lee, as only ten of each were ever made.

Rare Funko POP!

Where can I find a full and up to date list of all Funko POP! Vinyl characters?

The most reliable place to go is the official Funko website. From here you can access their full product catalogue and filter it by POP! Vinyl (or any of their other brands, should you wish). Alternatively, you can download their app from Google Play or the Apply App Store on your smartphone and similarly browse Funko’s entire catalogue from the palm of your hand.

Where can I sell or trade my Funko POP! figures?

The obvious answer is an auction website, such as eBay, but it might not be the best option if you’re looking for a marketplace that specialises in POP! Vinyl. Fortunately, there are a lot of groups on social media channels filled with like-minded people, all looking to buy, sell and trade their favourite collectibles.

What is a Funko POP! flipper?

A Funko POP! flipper is someone who finds a rare, exclusive, or chase figure and buys it at a low price before immediately trying to sell it at a mark-up. Flippers generally buy figures with the sole intention of turning a quick profit, as opposed to keeping it as part of their collection.

What is the best way to protect my POP! Vinyl figures?

Funko POP! figures are pretty durable, so on their own do not need a lot of protection. The box however is prone to damage, and any collectors who like to keep their figures packaged might want to take extra measures to protect it. For the ultimate layer of protection, you can purchase specialist box protectors made from clear plastic that both protect the cardboard underneath, but also do not obscure the box when it is displayed. If transporting or shipping your collection, we would recommend wrapping the boxes in bubble wrap, just like we do when we pack them up to send out to customers.

How much is my POP! figure/collection worth?

It’s hard to put an exact figure on a collection or specific character, as the real answer is they are worth as much as anyone is willing to pay for them. However, to get a rough idea of the approximate value of specific figures, you can look at online resources such as Pop Price Guide or the official Funko app.


What’s the best way to keep track of my collection?

If your collection has sprawled to be so big you need to keep track of it with some assistance, then you should definitely check out the official Funko app. It’s really simple to use too! Simply download it from Google Play or the Apple App Store and then create an account on the app itself. With that done, you can browse the entire Funko catalogue and mark every figure you have with a simple tap. It keeps track of the number of figures you have, as well as an approximate value using data from the Pop Price Guide website.

Everything About the Boxes

How big are Funko POP! boxes?

The dimensions of a standard Funko POP! Vinyl box are 11.5cm x 16cm x 9cm. This is the uniform size for all boxes that contain a single regular POP! figure.

What does the sticker on the box mean?

The sticker on the box usually indicates that it is exclusive to a particular retailer or event. For example, a Funko POP! Vinyl released at the San Diego Comic Con in 2019 might have the official SDCC 2019 logo as a sticker on the box. As such a sticker on the box can be an indicator that it is a limited edition or rare figure (but isn’t always).

Should I remove the stickers on the box?

Even if you are prefer to display your collection in the boxes, we would advise against removing the stickers from the box. The main reason for this is, should you ever decide to sell your Funko POP! Vinyl figure, the sticker on the box might be a big part of the appeal for another collector. If you just want the figures to display and you’re not bothered about retaining 100% resale value, then there shouldn’t be any harm in removing the stickers.

How can I clean off sticker or price tag residue?

There are two recommended methods for removing sticker residue, each one for a different part of the box. If you need to clean up sticker residue on the cardboard, a bit of rubbing alcohol or eucalyptus oil on a cotton swab works wonders, but we recommend you test it on the bottom of the box first (or a spare one), just to make sure it doesn’t cause any damage. If the sticker residue is on the clear window, DO NOT use rubbing alcohol or acetone (it will melt the plastic). Instead, use a small drop of cooking oil and a soft rag to gently wipe it off.

What do the numbers mean on Funko POP! boxes?

The number on every POP! box relates to the mould used within that series. For example, if the box is printed with #1, then it was the first mould used for that series. So, if a different POP! figure within a series shares the same number, they were made from the same mould, but have probably been painted differently.


Is there a way to repair a crushed box?

Obviously, this depends on the extent of the damage, but you can rescue a few dings and deformities and bring a box back to a serviceable condition. First of all, remove the POP! figure and all plastic packaging from inside the box, then fold it flat. Place a pillowcase over the top and then, with a warm iron (and no steam), pass it over the creased and damaged parts of the cardboard whilst being careful to avoid the plastic window. If you don’t feel comfortable using an iron, you can always place it under a stack of heavy books or similar.

Can I reattach a loose plastic window on the box?

The best way to reattach a loose plastic window on a POP! Vinyl box is to use a hot glue gun and apply a small amount around each edge of the plastic. Be sure to wipe away any excess that might seep out when the plastic window is pressed into place against the card.

What does the code on the bottom of the box mean?

Every Funko POP! Vinyl figure has a code embossed, labelled or printed on the bottom of the box. As well as being evidence of authenticity, it also contains information about the figure’s production. The capitalised letters denote the factory where it was produced, whilst the last six numbers represent the reversed date (YY/MM/DD) in which the figure was made. In the example below, JJL141106 is the factory code and confirmation that the figure was produced on November 6, 2014.


Glossary of Acronyms

When browsing fan sites, forums and Facebook groups, you may stumbles across a lot of acronyms and short forms. We’re here to help! Take a look below to find a selection of the most commonly used acronyms that get thrown around Funko POP! community groups.

  • B&N – “Barnes & Noble”, a US retailer of Funko POP! Vinyl figures.
  • DBT – “Double Boxed Toys”, a retailer of Funko POP! Vinyl Figures.
  • ECCC – “Emerald City Comic Con”, an annual convention hosted in Seattle around March.
  • FT/FTO – “For Trade/For Trade Only”, as in “I have a full Avengers set FT”.
  • FS/FSO – “For Sale/For Sale Only”, as in “FS: Two Freddie Mercury POP! Vinyl”.
  • GOT – “Game of Thrones”, usually used when talking in the context of the popular HBO TV series.
  • GOTG – “Guardians of the Galaxy”, usually used when talking about the Marvel films.
  • GITD – “Glow In The Dark”, used when describing the glowing property of some POP! Vinyl.
  • GS – “Gamestop”, a US retailer of Funko POP! Vinyl figures.
  • GT – “Galactic toys”, a retailer of Funko POP! Vinyl Figures.
  • HB – “Hawkin’s Bazaar”, a UK retailer of Funko POP! Vinyl figures (that’s us!)
  • HT – “Hot Topic”, a US retailer of Funko POP! Vinyl figures.
  • HTE – “Hot Topic Exclusive”, referring to figures exclusive to the US retailer.
  • HTF – “Hard to Find”, as in “I have several HTF figures in my collection”.
  • IB – “In Box”, as in “I collect POP! figures IB”.
  • ISO – “In Search Of”, as in “I am ISO a Holographic Darth Maul figure”.
  • LE – “Limited Edition”, as in “Look at my LE metallic gold Stan Lee! ”.
  • MCC – “Marvel Collector Corp”, a monthly subscriber box from Funko.
  • MCU – “Marvel Cinematic Universe”, usually used when talking about Marvel films.
  • MIB – “Mint In Box”, as in “My Cylon Centurion figure is MIB”.
  • MINT – “Mint Conditions”, as in “My original Luke Skywalker is MINT”.
  • NIB – “New In Box” as in, “I’m selling the Deadpool figure that’s NIB”.
  • NFS – “Not For Sale” as in, “Check out my Borderlands Psycho (NFS) ”.
  • NFT – “Not For Trade” as in, “I love my Obi Wan figure (NFT) ”.
  • NYCC – “New York Comic Con”, an annual convention hosted in New York at the start of October.
  • OBO – “Or Best Offer”, as in “I will sell my Hodor POP! figure for £50 OBO”.
  • OOB – “Out of Box”, as in “I am and OOB collector”.
  • PC – “Popcultcha”, an Australian retailer of Funko POP! Vinyl Figures.
  • PIAB – “Pop in a Box”, a retailer of Funko POP! Vinyl Figures.
  • PM – “Private Message”, as in “Send me a PM”.
  • PPG – “Pop Price Guide”, a website that tracks aftermarket POP! Vinyl prices.
  • RS – “Restricted Shipping”, as in “I believe this item has RS”.
  • SDCC – “San Diego Comic Con”, an annual convention hosted in San Diego every summer.
  • WTB – “Want to Buy”, as in “WTB green chrome Boba Fett figure”.
  • WTS – “Want to Sell”, as in “WTS my Fortnite Season One collection”.
  • WTT – “Want to Trade”, as in “WTT my Chopper for an R2-D2”.


There are a lot of handy tools and resources on the web for Funko POP! collectors, so we thought we’d gather a few of the essentials below.

UK POP! Vinyl Price Guide – Price guide website (and smartphone app) for the UK POP! market. – Useful tool that tracks current and historic eBay POP! Vinyl sales in the UK to help calculate an average value or price.

US POP! Vinyl Price Guide – Large database of POP! Vinyl prices based on recent sales activity in the US. Also provides estimated values to Funko for use on the official Funko app.

Funko POP! Photography – Collaborative Flickr group that posts loads of cool lifestyle shots of POP! Vinyl figures.

Fan Sites – Funko Fanatics – Funko POP! News – POP! Vinyls

Other Interesting Links – An interesting article about how Funko POP! Vinyl are made.