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Find your favourite Funko POP! vinyl figure to add your collection in our Funko POP! shop. The perfect gift for any film, game or TV show fan, these delightful collectible Funko POP! figures look fantastic on a desk, shelf or anywhere else!

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Check out our POP! Vinyl frequently asked questions below:

What are Funko POP! Vinyl figures?

New to Funko POP! Vinyl? No problem, allow us to bring you up to speed. POP! Vinyl are figures based on your favourite characters from blockbuster films, cult classic TV series and even videogames. Each one is made from quality PVC (shortened to vinyl) and painted with a high level of detail. They have a slightly cartoonish appearance, with a large head and smaller body. They are also highly collectible and a huge craze at the moment!

You’re bound to find your favourite hero (or even villain) as a POP! figure. For example, if you’re a fan of the wizarding world, then you should definitely check out our Harry Potter POP! collection. Likewise, if you’re into the latest and greatest small screen heroes, you’ll love our TV POP! range of figures. Also, don’t forget to check out our great value multi-buy offer on standard POP! You can purchase two regular figures for £24, three for £33 or four for £40.

How big is a POP! Vinyl figure?

It varies from figure to figure, but generally speaking, most POP! Vinyl figures are 4” (or about 10cm) in height. This can vary slightly as accessories (such as hats) or hairstyles might make them bigger. Similarly, a defining trait of the character might be that they are short, so this might be reflected in the POP! figure’s height too. Also, look out for super-sized figures, as these are larger than regular figures and can be either 6” or 10” tall.

What are exclusive POP! Vinyl?

Exclusive POP! Vinyl figures are occasionally released at big conventions (such as the New York and San Diego Comic Con events) or specific retailers. You can tell if it’s event exclusive by the sticker on the front of the box. These exclusive figures may have a slight design tweak (such as different coloured clothing or a unique accessory) or might be a POP! Vinyl figure that is only available from that specific event or retailer. As such, exclusive POP! are very rare and highly sought after by collectors. If you see an exclusive and want it, don’t hang around too long – it might be gone soon.

What is a chase and how do I get one?

A chase POP! Vinyl is a rare version of a standard figure. It might have a slightly different colour scheme or design to the regular POP!, or could even be holding a different accessory or strike a different pose. Whilst some retailers and independent sellers mark-up the price for these rare figures, we sell them at the same price as our regular POP! Vinyl. The catch is, we do not separate chase figures from the regular set, meaning everyone has a chance to get the rare POP!

The odds of receiving a chase vary depending on the figure, but in our experience, it’s usually a one in six chance. Please note, just because you order six figures does not mean you will definitely receive a chase POP! Vinyl – that’s not how probability works.

If there is a chase variant available, this is usually indicated in the product’s name or features. There is not a chase available for every design.

What are the different types of POP! Vinyl figure?

Some POP! Vinyl figures come with special variations. Sometimes these are rare or specific features to exclusives, but they can also be part of the regular design. We’ve listed some of the most common varieties below:

Flocked: These POP! Vinyl figures feature a light furry or fuzzy coating that gives them an interesting texture, both to their appearance and the way they feel in your hand.

Super-sized: A super-sized figure is much larger than a standard POP! Vinyl, standing at either 6” or 10” tall (a regular POP! is 4”) .

Glow in the dark: As you would expect, these figures glow in the dark.

Invisible: Whilst not technically invisible, these POP! Vinyl figures are translucent, which gives them a similar effect.

Sepia: POP! Vinyl figures that are sepia will have a reddish-brown tint to them. It’s like the colour has been drained from them in the same way it is in an old photograph.

Black and white: Like the name suggests, these figures are black and white with a cool monochrome design.

Vaulted: When Funko cease production of a specific design it is consigned to the vault. Very rarely, they may choose to revive a POP! figure as a limited run. These return as vaulted POP! Vinyl figures.

How often are new POP! Vinyl figures released?

Funko release new POP! Vinyl figures throughout year, usually just ahead of the release of a new film or TV series. These releases tend to peak around Comic Con events, such as those in London, San Diego and New York. We will launch new POP! as soon as we receive them, which is usually every couple of months. The best way to find out about new POP! Vinyl releases at Hawkin’s Bazaar is to sign up to our emails.

Should I display my POP! in or out of the box?

It is entirely up to you. Personally, we prefer to take the figures out of the box and display them like that. You can see all of the detail that way and enjoy each figure how it was intended. Of course, you might prefer to keep them in the box so that they can be stacked more easily (plus, the artwork on the box is really cool). If you change your mind either way, Funko POP! Vinyl figures do not come sealed in the boxes. Therefore, you can take them out or replace the packaging as much as you like.

How do I know that I’m buying an authentic POP! figure?

That’s easy, buy it from us! We are an official stockist of Funko POP! Vinyl figures and only receive our stock from Funko themselves. Every Funko POP! Vinyl figure we sell has been supplied directly from Funko and is guaranteed to be authentic. The only time you are really at risk of buying a fake is when you use a third party supplier or marketplace. We only sell the real deal.

What other collectibles do Funko produce?

Whilst POP! Vinyl are perhaps the most well-known collectibles in the Funko collection, they also produce several other ranges based on your favourite TV and movie characters. We stock a range of Mystery Minis as well as Funko Plush toys.

Will Funko POP! be worth money in the future?

There is no simple answer to this question, but we do not recommend that you think of POP! Vinyl figures as an investment. Certain figures can command a high re-sale price if they are very rare and no longer in production. Similarly, a complete set of boxed figures from the same collection might be worth more money than the individual POP! Vinyl figures. However, we do not think it is a good idea to treat them as anything other than cool collectibles. Love your figures for what they are!

My Funko POP! figure won’t stand up – what can I do?

If you are collecting Funko POP! Vinyl figures and keep them outside of the box, you may find that they have the occasional stability issue. They do, after all, feature a large head and small feet. The first thing to check is if the figure has a hole in one of its feet. This usually indicates that the figure has a stand that has been left in the box. However, the best solution that we have found is a small blob of Blu Tack on the bottom of a foot. This will keep your POP! Vinyl figure standing upright without any issues.

My POP! figure arrived damaged – what can I do?

Oh no! If your POP! Vinyl figure has arrived damaged (e.g. a piece of the figure has broken off in transit) then contact our team on [email protected] and we’ll get it sorted ASAP. Whilst we strive to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase, we do not class small scuffs, tears, dents or other superficial damage to the outer-box to be a fault. The box is there to protect what is inside it! We will not offer refunds, partial refunds, or replacements for any minor damage on the product’s box. Nor do we keep spare boxes or replacement boxes for Funko POP! figures. Find out more about Funko POP! in our in-depth FAQs> Funko POP! FAQs