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Remote control camera drones and flyers

Get behind the sticks of a remote control drone and take it for a spin! Drones are fun to fly and very stable, meaning they’re ideal for RC enthusiast of all skill levels. We even have a camera drone or two that let you record your high flying antics.

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Discover the high flying fun that can be had with one of our RC drones!

These remote control drones are amongst our most stable flying machines, featuring advanced gyro-stabilisation technology that keeps them exactly where you want them to be. The controls are simple and easy to learn, meaning you can become a decent drone pilot within a few minutes (and perhaps after a crash or two).


If you’re looking for an RC camera drone then you’ve come to the right place! Some of our quadcopters are equipped with and HD camera on the underside, allowing you to film or take pictures from an airborne vantage point. It’s not just great fun, but a useful tool as well! Camera drones are perfect for inspecting rooftops and hard to reach areas.

Of course, we have a lot more in our RC collection than drones and quadcopters. If you’re looking for a remote control helicopter we have a huge selection of models including several from Syma. If you’re looking for something that stays firmly on the ground, we’ve also got plenty of remote control cars for you to take out on the track.