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Gifts for Children

Find the perfect gifts for children

Finding the right gifts for children is really easy here at Hawkin’s Bazaar. We’ve got a huge selection to choose from, with gifts to suit every child. Young, old, girl or boy, we’ve definitely got they’re new favourite toy ready and waiting. All you have to do is find it!.

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Gifts For Children

Finding gifts for children has never been easier! Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas or just a surprise treat (we heartily approve of surprise gift giving). We’ve got gifts for children of all ages and tastes. From remote control cars to magic tricks, it’s an absolute doddle finding their new favourite toy, all you have to do is look through our awesome gifts for children range and pick one!

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Gifts For Children

If you’d like to inspire your children to read with a gift, then have a look through our Kids Books section, which is full to the seams with awesome page turners that little ones will love (and no doubt the big ones will too). Or perhaps it’s creativity you’re hoping to inspire with your gift? In that case you’ll want to look in our Kids Crafts section, which is bursting with fantastic projects that the kids can get involved in, teaching them the joy of creativity and the pride of finishing a project! For the more scientifically minded children out there, we also have a Kids Science Kits section, where you’ll find a laboratory’s worth of cool experiments and jaw dropping facts for them to get stuck into.