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Quirky Gifts

Quirky gifts and funky presents

While it may be the thought that counts, receiving the same present year after year can be unbearable. That’s why Hawkin’s Bazaar stocks a fabulous range of unique and unusual quirky gifts.

Quirky gifts for men, women and children of all ages

We’re experts at thinking outside of the box and we’ve got something here to suit all quirky levels, from silly to sensible. Our huge range of unique quirky gifts strikes the balance between strange and useful. For example, what better way to do your sums than with a chocolate-shaped calculator? How else would you find your keys without our key finder key ring?

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Quirky Gifts

But who cares if it doesn’t do anything useful!? A solar-powered queen, microphone-shaped sponge and backwards clock are items we all should own, for entertainment value if nothing else. Indulge their sense of humour with our novelty gifts for recipients of all ages. Whether you’re looking for a quirky birthday gift or just gifts for quirky people, browse our range and buy online today. For more unique gift ideas, check our selection of unusual, joke and retro presents.