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Star Wars

Galactic gifts from the Star Wars saga

In need of something Star Wars related? Like a lightsaber to guide you in the dark, Hawkin is here to help! Whether you’re R2-D2’s biggest fan, a Jedi in training or a regular Wookie worshipper, our Star Wars collection has the perfect gift for you.

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Attention Star Wars fans! These are the gifts you’re looking for

Assuming our Jedi mind trick didn’t work, there is no better place to find such a vast and varied collection of Star Wars gifts than here at Hawkin’s Bazaar. We’ve got a Star Destroyer’s hanger bay full of official merchandise from every Star Wars film, including The Force Awakens as well as the classic and prequel trilogies.

Star Wars

Whether you consider yourself a Sith lord or a Jedi master, there are great gifts here to satisfy both sides of the force. From mugs to mood lights, we’ve got loads of amazing gift ideas infused with some of that Star Wars magic. You’d be hard pressed to find a bigger and better collection this side of Mos Eisley!

Not quite found the perfect something? Why not have a look at our full film and TV gift collection to find official merchandise from other cinema and small screen classics. And if you’re still struggling for ideas, we recommend give our Gift Finder a go. It’s sure to help you find what you’re looking for!