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Giggle Bags
Giggle Bags Giggle Bags Giggle Bags Giggle Bags

Giggle Bags

Throw a Giggle Bag and it will laugh wherever it lands


Throw this smiling bean bag anywhere and it will burst into a manic fit of raucous laughter. It may seem incredibly odd for so many reasons, but there's just something addictive about throwing these around the room. It's impossible not to have fun with Giggle Bags (stop sniggering at the back there!) Order more than one to receive a variety of designs.
  • Laughing bean bag
  • Movement activated
  • Four designs available
  • Batteries included
  • 6.5cm
Minimum age
Recommended minimum age for your guidance
Tested to EU Standards
Tested to EU Standards



It had us laughing along great fun for light hearted giggles
Review by Ms R 13/10/2017
Picture the scene; on holiday, apartment in south Devon, birthday of a member of a family group. All adults (?).
Had a few shandies, just enough to create party atmosphere.
Brought out the Giggle Bags.
Threw them at each other.
Fun! We're all still kids at heart!
Only snag, red one ran out of giggles after about ten minutes, long before the beer did. Was this one used as demonstrator in shop?
Conclusion; wasted on small children,
Just right for some grown(?)-ups! (Us!)
Review by "kidds at heart" 09/07/2017
The bags are colourful and have funny faces on them. The laugh doesn't last long, but they are still a good stocking filler gift. Enough to entertain young children.
Review by Lucie 09/12/2016
If you wanna smile buy this, it's Brill!
Review by Dawn 16/11/2016
Many years ago, one of our own sons was given something that looked like this and which did exactly what the Hawkin description says. It realistically sounded like someone in fits of laughter and went on for so long that one couldn't help but laugh along too. I bought two Hawkin ones for the grandchildren this time and, in a way, I'm now glad my order didn't arrive in time for the birthday party as they would have been a complete flop. The not-more-than-three-seconds noise coming from inside the bag when dropped sounds unrealistic and lasts for such a brief time that I can't imagine anyone would laugh with it. Cry possibly! It would be impossible for children or adults to have fun with it unlike its predecessor of a bygone age. Bring back the quality of the older design, and I would buy lots! (My rating would be no stars if that option were available!)
Review by Shirley 20/10/2014

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