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How to Calibrate a Hubsan X4 H501S and H502S Drone

You’ve got your Hubsan drone out of the box, patiently charged the batteries, and now you want to take it out and see how it flies. But before you can do that, you’ll need to calibrate the on-board compass to ensure it behaves properly in the air. Here’s a step-by-step quick start guide to calibrate your drone, along with an instructional video below to get you and your drone flying ASAP! They specifically apply to the Hubsan X4 H501S and the Hubsan X4 H502S.

Important note: Before you attempt the calibration process, please ensure items that might interfere, such as mobile phones and key fobs, are placed at least two metres away from the drone.

Step 1

Insert the drone battery into the drone’s body and connect the wires to switch it on, then turn on the controller and wait for the display to automatically synch up with the drone’s camera. Wait for the screen to read “Calib Compass 1”.

Step 2

When “Calib Compass 1” is displayed on the controller’s screen, place the drone on a flat surface or hold it level in your hands and rotate it clockwise. Keep rotating the drone clockwise until the prompt on the screen reads “Calib Compass 2”. This might take several revolutions; just keep turning the drone until the on-screen prompt changes.

Step 3

When “Calib Compass 2” is displayed on the controller’s screen, hold the drone up in the air so that its nose faces downwards and rotate it anti-clockwise. Keep rotating the drone in this way until the prompt on the screen disappears. At this point your drone is calibrated and you’re ready to fly!

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