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How Can I Get a Hawkin's Bazaar Catalogue?

You should take a deep breath and sit down. The sad news is that you can’t. Unfortunately we’ve stopped producing the Hawkin’s Bazaar catalogue. But here’s the good news, we’ve made the Hawkin’s Bazaar website even better! There are now more ways to browse for gifts than ever before.

If you’d just like to see everything in the Hawkin’s Bazaar collection, simply type an asterisk (*) in the search bar to pull up our full range of over 2,000 gifts and treats. By default it’s arranged by popularity, but this can be changed and refined using the variety of filter options at the top and side of the page.

Otherwise we’ve arranged our products into loads of different categories, including gadgets, gifts, toys, models, party bags and so much more. These are further broken down into sub categories that will really help you narrow down your selection and find just what you want.

Of course, if you’d like even more help, give our gift finder a whirl. It will take the information you give it, crunch some data in the background and deliver a tailored selection of ideal gifts based on what you’ve told us. It’s great!

And don’t forget our weekly emails either. If you sign up to receive our email newsletters we’ll tell you all about our latest and greatest gifts, not to mention you’ll be amongst the first to hear about our sales and special offers. We also throw the odd exclusive deal to our loyal email followers too, so keep an eye out for those!

We miss the catalogues too, but by focussing our attention on the web and our network of shops, we can make the Hawkin experience even better than it was before! So please visit us today at or pop in to your nearest shop (find it now with our shop finder!)