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King Of Tokyo (2016 Edition)
King Of Tokyo (2016 Edition) King Of Tokyo (2016 Edition)

King Of Tokyo (2016 Edition)

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Fight off the other monsters and become the King of Tokyo – but how long will you last?


Simplicity Rating

Play time: 30 minutes | Players: 2-6 (best with 4-5) | For ages: 8+

There are monsters rampaging through the city, but who will become the King of Tokyo? Become one of six huge creatures, such as a giant lizard, cyborg ape, cyber kitty or the infamous space penguin and battle it out to become the top monster in town. On your turn, roll the set of custom dice to decide your actions for the next turn. Will you gather victory points, gain energy, restore your health or attack other players? The fiercest player at the end of the round will occupy Tokyo, earning extra victory points and the wrath of the other monsters. How long will you stay on top?

At this point the game really kicks up a gear, with special cards that add permanent and temporary abilities that can instantly alter the game. With these in your arsenal you can grow an extra head (which lets you roll an extra dice), don a set of protective body armour, pick up a destructive nova death ray and so much more. It leads to a really explosive board game experience! To win the game and become the undisputed King of Tokyo, you must be the first player to gain 20 victory points, or be the last monster left standing.

  • Monster fighting dice game
  • Roll dice and plan you strategy
  • Fight other monsters to become the King of Tokyo
  • 66 cards
  • Six monster boards and tokens (with plastic stands)
  • Eight custom engraved dice
  • 50 energy tokens
  • 28 tokens (for card effects)
  • 30 minutes playing time
  • For two to six players
  • Recommended for ages 8+

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