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Model Kits

Diecast model car and bike kits

Build your favourite car or bike from the diecast and plastic parts in these model kits. They’re super easy to make and look brilliant when assembled. You don’t even need glue, paint or anything else to finish them!

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Perfect for any avid collector

Imagine the sense of pride you’ll have as you display the latest addition to your model collection after lovingly crafting it yourself. Whether you’re after a speedy sports car or a timeless vehicle, you’ll find it all in our brilliant range of die-cast model kits.

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Model Kits

Regardless of whether you opt for a vintage Jaguar XK, a modern Mini Cooper or a special-edition Lamborghini, all of our kits look incredible when assembled, so purchase yours online today! Looking for a pre-assembled model? We have a variety of die-cast model cars and bikes, as well as a superb selection of Corgi toys.