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The ultimate slot-car racing experience

Check out our fantastic collection of Scalextric sets today, with a variety of packs that are perfect for all ages and experience levels. Burn rubber and get into the race with one of the well-known brands in the world!

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Pick up a Scalextric set and enjoy the original slot car experience

Scalextric is as iconic as they come, with the classic toy topping Christmas wish lists for more than 60 years! It’s one of those great toys that takes minutes to learn and a lifetime to master. Pick up the controller, squeeze the trigger and watch your slot car shoot off around the track. Take it easy on the corners and decelerate on your approach, otherwise you might fly off of the track. It’s great fun and an experience the entire family can enjoy.

Hawkin’s Bazaar is home to a selection of popular Scalextric sets, with something to suit all skill levels and budgets. If you’re buying for a young slot car racer, then we’d recommend one of our Micro Scalextric sets. These are slightly smaller and include optional speed restrictors that make races slightly easier. Otherwise, if you’re after a classic Scalextric set, we have a selection of regular sized tracks for you to test your skills. You can even swap pieces between track sets to create a bigger circuit.

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Race off the mark with a Scalextric set

If cars aren’t to your taste, you should check out our Hornby model train collection. We have a range of sets and accessories that make the perfect starting point for your model railway hobby. And just like Scalextric, Hornby sets can be chopped and changed to make your experience truly unique, not to mention a lot grander in scale!

Of course, if you prefer models that are a little more static and beautifully detailed, then you should check out our diecast model range. It’s packed to the brim with classic motors, supercars and more. With names like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Bugatti on some of these models, they’re sure to excite even the most diehard model collectors.