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                                                                                                   The Return of Mr Bean Corgi Mr Bean Mini CC82110

The pre-production sample model featuring CC82110, one of the most iconic vehicles from the world of British TV comedy

In something of a rhetorical question, 'what vehicle would you expect a child in a grown man's body to drive?' - surely there can only be one answer, a British Leyland Mini of course. There can be few British comedic actors who are as instantly recognisable as Rowan Atkinson, with his seemingly endless repertoire of facial contortions and ability to switch from blundering buffoon to oppressed Captain in the British Army with consummate ease. The star of several spectacularly successful TV series, one of his best loved creations was the hapless, yet endearing and always hilarious Mr Bean, a man who seems to have remained in the blissful innocence of his childhood years despite living in an adult world. Rarely speaking and relying on facial expressions to transport him from one hilariously cringe worthy situation to the next, Mr Bean had two steadfast companions throughout his many adventures, his teddy and his trusty British Leyland Mini, which manages to get into just as many scrapes as its owner.

Fans of the Mr Bean series will be aware that he actually used six different Minis during the making of his adventures, starting with an orange 1969 BMC Mini Mk.II appearing in a single episode and several similar looking cars for the majority of the time. Although all the later Minis were extremely similar in presentation, being painted in Austin Citron Green, with a matte black bonnet, closer inspection will show that the vehicles had different registration numbers. One thing they all has in common however, was a selection of unusual security features which could only be a product of Mr Bean's mind. Desperate not to have his beloved car stolen and not trusting the manufacturers own vehicle security arrangements, Mr Bean augmented the door lock with the addition of a slip bolt and padlock (strangely on the driver's door only) and always removed the steering wheel when leaving the car. Clearly highly unusual, these measures would usually only mean more trouble for our beloved Mr Bean.

Corgi Mr Bean Mini CC82110

This latest release Mr Bean Mini release includes a number of additional features which make this the best and most accurate version of the car produced by Corgi

Corgi Mr Bean Mini CC82110

Many readers may not be aware that Rowan Atkinson is actually an extremely passionate motoring enthusiast and accomplished racing driver in his own right and the selection of the Mini as Mr Bean's preferred mode of transport was very much down to him. The particular version of this famous Mini presented by this latest release CC82110 marks the second (and third) of these distinctive vehicles (Registration Number SLW 287R) operated by the hapless Bean and featured in the episode where he changed parking spaces with a similar looking Mini, only to have his car crushed by an army tank demonstration - the only salvageable part left after the incident was the door padlock. The same car reappeared two episodes later, leading us all to believe that he had somehow got his hands on the other Mini, adopted it as his own and replaced the number plates. Fans of the show may be able to confirm if the devious Mr Bean simply exchanged the plates following the tank incident and took the other car as replacement for the loss of his own.

The Mr Bean Mini has always been (no pun intended) a popular addition to any Corgi model range and the last time it appeared in a catalogue was way back in 2001. Collectors will be pleased to learn that this latest incarnation will be the most accurate and detailed presentation of this famous car yet, benefitting from such features as much cleaner door representation (they do not open on this new model), more accurate wheels and trims, as well as greater detail on the Bean inspired additional door lock. Also featuring a newly designed presentation box, this new Mr Bean Mini is certainly a model for TV and Film collectors to consider, as well as Bean fans young and old, who never tire of watching the hilarious antics of this extremely strange, but lovable character