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Play 200 Games on Our Retro TV Games Controller

Can you believe that there are over 200 retro inspired games on this little joystick controller? Relive the golden age of gaming in all of its 8-bit glory with this bumper collection of arcade classics. There are far too many for us to name here, but if you take a look at the image above we can make a start by naming the 15 we’ve picked out.

In order, going left to right and top to bottom, we have: F-22, Vanguard, Racing Fighter, Crystal Ball, Magic Jony, Police Vs Thief, Seaport Guard, Power Robot, Police Dog Lasy, Throughman, Toy Factory, PongPong, Hit Mouse, Utmost Warfare and Goal Keeper. You get these, plus another 185 classic-inspired games in this handy little box that just plugs into your TV.

To view the full list of titles that are loaded onto the Retro TV Games Controller, please take a look at the PDF document here. Otherwise you can visit our website today and pick up one of these excellent games controllers for yourself.

We must admit, we absolutely love it! The style of the controller alone is enough to inspire retro gaming memories, with its single joystick and two buttons. It may look simplistic by today’s standards, but really it’s all you need to get stuck into a great game. The controllers and games themselves may have grown and developed over the years, but you’ll find lots of inspiration for the modern greats within these 8-bit blasts from the past.

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