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Pocket money toys for £2 and less

Lots of pocket money toys for £2 or less! Buy a handful of pocket money toys for less than the price of a pack of biscuits, with great value pocket money toys from as little as 35p.

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(50 Items)

Get your pocket money toys fix for £2 or less

We have a huge selection of great value pocket money toys for £2 or less. There are over 100 pocket money toys in our range that cost less than a cup of coffee, and with prices starting at 10p you can have some seriously good value fun with our pocket money toys range.

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Pocket Money Toys £2 and Under

Pocket money toys that cost less than £2 are great for filling children’s party bags with little toy treats that will keep them happy. They are also, as the name suggests, a great way to get the most from your pocket money.