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RC Cars and Drones: What is 2.4G?

If your new remote control car, helicopter or drone advertises that it features 2.4G then you’re in luck, as this makes the old issue of managing RC frequencies a thing of the past. RC vehicles that use 2.4G (also referred to as 2.4GHz) have many advantages over other remote control frequencies such as 35Mhz and 27MHz, as we’ll explain below.

Flying and driving with others

The biggest advantage of 2.4G is that it allows you to fly and drive alongside other RC vehicles without any kind of interference whatsoever. Gone are the days of flicking between A and B frequencies, making sure that everyone’s controller is set to their own channel. With 2.4G, the controller simply pairs to your RC vehicle and then the connection stays locked until you turn it off again. It’s never been easier to enjoy remote control cars and helicopters with your friends!

Resistant to signal interference

Ever been playing with an RC vehicle near somebody else and notice that their controller sometimes interferes with yours? This kind of interference has been a bane to remote control pilots and drivers for years. The 2.4G frequency is far more resistant against all forms of signal interference, meaning you won’t experience the controls being wrestled away from you by rogue radio frequencies.

Improved performance

Another benefit of 2.4G is that it has a higher rate of data exchange. In short, this means that RC vehicles on 2.4G are more responsive and can operate without issues at much longer ranges of typically 50 to 80 metres. And as an added bonus, 2.4G also uses less power which should save on batteries.


RC vehicles that operate on the 2.4G frequency are easier to use and offer a better experience to control compared to other vehicles that use the older frequency technology. There are lots of great benefits to using it with no real disadvantages to speak of. So when you’re looking at your next RC purchase, keep an eye out to see if it comes equipped with 2.4G.