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Remote Control Cars

Impressive remote control cars for racers

There are very few things more satisfying than watching a remote control car speed off into the distance, even if you need to break into a sprint to keep up with it. That’s why Hawkin’s Bazaar stocks an impressive range of remote controlled cars.

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Our remote control cars put you in the driver’s seat

Roar around the track with a remote control car from Hawkin’s Bazaar and you won’t be disappointed! Our RC cars come in all shapes and sizes to suit just about any type of track or terrain. We have big monster trucks with huge wheels that can climb up and over even the biggest obstacles on tough off-road tracks. On the other end of the spectrum, we have nippy little race cars that dominate on flat straights. We’ve even been known to stock cars that climb up walls!

Our range covers RC cars for all ages too, with a selection of models that are ideal for younger racers as well as vehicles that have some serious grunt in the motor! If you’re looking to expand a passing interest in remote controlled cars into a fully-fledged hobby, then our collection makes a great place to start!

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Find the perfect RC car today

Are you looking to race more than one RC car at a time? The best way to achieve this is to find a remote controlled vehicle that works on the 2.4G frequency. Most of our models do, and we will state it in the description or features if one of our RC cars is 2.4G enabled. Any RC vehicle that operates on 2.4G can be used alongside others without any fear of signal interference. It’s really handy!

Of course, our larger RC collection features more than just cars. Take to the skies with one of our RC drones or helicopters! They are the next natural step on from RC cars and great fun to fly. Or if you’d like a more traditional car racing experience, why not take a look at our Scalextric sets? We have so much to offer – where will you start?