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RC Helicopters and Quadcopter Drones

Fly an RC quadcopter drone or helicopter!

Take to the air with a fleet of remote control helicopters and drones from the likes of Syma. Reach the sky with this RC flying fun!

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Take to the sky with Remote Control Drones and Helicopters

Are you looking for an exciting new hobby that can be enjoyed almost anywhere? You need to try an RC drone or helicopter! Hawkin’s Bazaar has a fantastic selection of remote control flying machines to suit any environment. Take out a small helicopter for a run around the house, guiding it between rooms with expert flying, or fly a large drone outdoors and take impressive videos from high up in the sky. Both are possible and simple to achieve.

Many of our drones come with cameras attached, some of them recording to an on-board SD card, whilst others can transmit a live image directly to a screen or smartphone. Drone photography allows you to enjoy the full potential of your new RC gadget, reaching high altitudes to capture images that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to obtain. It opens up lots of incredible opportunities for keen photographers, as well as a whole world of practical uses when it comes to surveying high up and hard to reach exterior locations.

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RC drones and helicopters for pilots of all skill levels

All of our drones and helicopters come equipped with sophisticated gyro-stabilisation technology that helps keep them level in flight. This makes them a lot easier to fly and allows you to spend more time having fun, rather than making dozens of tiny adjustments just to stay in the air. As such, learning to fly is simple, and a skill you’ll be able to pick up on your first flight with your new RC gadget.

Hawkin’s Bazaar is an official Drone Safe retailer, meaning we know all about drones and are happy to help out with any questions you might have. Why not join our Drone Club? It gives lots of benefits, such as flight tutorials and information, as well as exclusive discounts and offers on drone related products, like spares and upgrades. And don’t forget to read up on the Drone Code too, as it tells you where you can fly your drone safely.